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2017 Case Competitions

  • 3 Day Startup Entrepreneurial Spirit

    3 Day Startup

    December 2017

    President and Founder of 3 Day Startup, Rahul Patni shares entrepreneurial student actions post the program at Purdue:

    • Student teams have been meeting up to work on their startup ideas.
    • Selected teams have received funding to continue pursuing their projects.
    • Participants have started getting involved with the Purdue Foundry and have signed up for accelerator programs for this summer.

    Next semester, 3 Day Startup will be hosting a number of talks and workshops while also working to set up 3 Day Startup for Fall 2018. Our goal for next year includes opening 3 Day Startup applications to graduate students to achieve more cross-discipline involvement and the creation of more diverse teams.

    Patni shares:"My goal through this event is to help students realize that they have the ability to be successful and learn a lot if they simply get started. 3 Day Startup has served as a springboard for these students and has provided them the skills to conquer fear and spark action."

    The Leadership Communication Studio at Krannert/Purdue was a proud sponsor of the program.

    View Photos Here

    Congratulations to all of the student organizers and participants!

  • Krannert Junior, Austin Coon

    spent his sophomore year studying abroad in Australia

    Austin Coon studying abroad in Australia

    The Leadership Communication Studio (LCS) works in conjunction with the Krannert Undergraduate Scholarship Office. Both the LCS and undergraduate scholarship office both encourage students to step out of their comfort zone and participate in signature learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

  • West Monroe Partners Annual Case Competition

    2017 West Monroe Partners Case Competition held at Farmer School of Business - Miami University on November 3rd.

    Krannert Alum, Ben Snyder, a consultant at West Monroe Partners shared insightful feedback about the Krannert teams who showcased their talents at Miami University:

    “The talent I see coming out of Krannert year-over-year continues to get stronger. That was once again proven by Purdue’s Sophomores and Juniors that competed in the West Monroe Case Competition hosted at Miami University. In the consulting business, the firm that attracts and retains the best people wins. That’s exactly why we’ll keep coming back to recruit at Purdue.”

    Competing schools: Miami University, Purdue University, Indiana University, DePauw University


    LCS Team 1: Katelyn Arrowsmith, Tiffany Zheng, Eesha Patel, Meagan Cooper 

    From Snyder:

    “Team 1 was impressive with their polished presentation skills and confidence in the room – of the three groups I judged in the first round, they finished top of their category in that regard. I was shocked to learn that they were only Sophomores and was excited when I heard that they’ll be competing in future case competitions! That group has an incredibly high ceiling if they stick together in the next couple of years and keeps competing.”


    LCS Team 2: Quincy Smith, Sidney Hyette, Yash Asher, Vidditt Kapur

     From Snyder:

    “Team 2 came well-researched and was innovative in how they planned to provide healthcare on a fixed-fee model. Not only that, they had the financial projections to back their claims. Their forward thinking approach to new healthcare models and using technology to make it work was spot on – I think we’ll see the face of healthcare change very soon… perhaps by students like these. Congrats to team 2 on a top-3 finish!”

    Congratulations to the winners and the host Miami University!

  • PwC Fall Challenge Winners

    Special thanks to PwC for hosting this challenge to provide students practice analyzing cases. 
    PwC hosted the event on October 27th at Krannert, and eight teams of students participated. 


    Congratulations to the 1st Place Team
     Yash Asher - Finance and Management - Class of 2020 
     Sneha Basu - Computer Engineering - Class of 2020 
     Prithvi Bhushan - Finance and Economics - Class of 2020 
     Priya Shirgaokar - Finance and Statistics - Class of 2020 
     Shivangi Agarwal - Supply Chain Management - Class of 2020

    "The PWC Challenge is a rewarding experience allowing an individual to grow personally and professionally. In today's business environment, we require analytical thinking, fact-based decision making and collaborative learning and that is exactly what I gained at the PWC Challenge." - Yash Asher 

  • Midwest Business Libraries Case Competition

    Purdue Team

    Group Photo

    November 2017 

    This last Saturday, November 4th, six teams gathered at Butler University to compete in the annual Midwest Business Libraries Case Competition Final Round. The Midwest Business Libraries Case Competition is the newly renamed Parrish Library Case Competition, now in its fourth year and sponsored by EBSCO. It included invited participation this year from six institutions: Purdue University- West Lafayette, Purdue University- Fort Wayne, IUPUI, University of Notre Dame, Butler University and Indiana University- Bloomington. Purdue hosted a Prelim Round this year with 11 teams participating with 4 teams advancing to the final round. 
    This years’ case involved Indiana-owned and operated Crew Carwash, who developed a case with Purdue University Libraries Faculty to examine its social media operations. This yearly event challenges students to solve real world business issues using exceptional information literacy skills. Indiana University students took the top prize of $500 dollars, with Butler second ($300) and Purdue students third ($100). 
    The winners of the Midwest Business Libraries Case Competition are below: 
    1st Place: Indiana University: James He, Erin Riegar, Sandeep Gali, Radha Parikh 
    2nd Place: Butler University: Bret Smith, Nicole Henrich, Sarah Braunstein 
    Jess Kolanowski 
    3rd Place: Purdue: Caleigh Tiley, Manav Nahar, Meghan Opferman, Kimberlee Standeford, Vaibhav Chutani 
    Thank you Butler University for hosting the event, Crew Carwash for case collaboration, EBSCO for sponsoring as well as Purdue University’s Parrish Library who coordinated the competition. 
    Also thank you to final round judges Heather Howard (Purdue Libraries), 
    Katharine Macy (IUPUI), Mindi McKeeman (Crew Carwash), Hessam Sarooghi (Butler) and Vanessa French (Butler) 

     Everyone Group Picture   




  • STAMINA4 IT/Analytics Winners

    MBA Students

    November 1, 2017 
    MBA Students: 
    Randy Wang  
    Mike Hanson 
    Swathi Veeradhi 
    Christine Rasquinha 
    These students won first place at the Purdue vs. Indiana University IT/Analytics Case Competition. 
    The BIAC at Krannert sent students to this annual competition which rotates between Purdue and IU.

  • Inaugural "Wisdom From Failure Competition" Winners

    case competition image

    Congratulations students:

    1st Place
    $500 and a letter of recommendation from Dean David Hummels
    Mateo Menchaca, Class of 2018
    Supply Chain Information and Analytics

    2nd Place
    Shivain Sacheti, Class of 2019
    Supply Chain Management

    3rd Place
    People's Choice
    Daniel Yang, Class of 2019
    Economics and Computer Science

    Honorable Mentions
    Samantha Garcia, Class of 2021
    Supply Chain Information and Analytics
    Brian Kim, Class of 2021
    Supply Chain Information and Analytics

    Thank you Judges:
    Kenneth Harling, PhD and Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
    Kristina Hollars, MBA Graduate Assistant, Krannert
    Andrea Pluckerbaum, Director of Data Analytics, Krannert

    The Leadership Communication Studio (LCS) sponsored this event in conjunction with the Dean's Office.
    Senior Jessica Miller and LCS Director Melissa Evens orchestrated and designed the event.

  • Logistics Case Competition Winners

    Winning team  

    The Leadership Communication Studio (LCS) is excited to provide both external and internal case competition opportunities. 

    The following team of students demonstrated robust teamwork and leadership. 

    First Place team at the 2017 Conexus Indiana Case Competition at the competition held at the Rolls Royce Building downtown Indianapolis:
    Lawson Drury 
    Burr Ridge, IL   
    Supply Chain Management, Information & Analytics 
    Shane Flanagan 
    Supply Chain Operations and Analytics 
    Atlanta, GA   
    Joshua Groh 
    Finance and Management 
    (concentration in International Business, minor in Spanish) 
    Lafayette, IN   
    Parker Campbell 
    Industrial Management (concentrations: Operations & Supply Chain Management, and Analytical Consulting) 
    Carmel, IN 

    Campbell shares:

    "Working alongside students with similar interests and internship experiences to solve a real-world problem was a blast. I would encourage everyone to participate in a case competition related to their area of interest prior to graduation so that they can collaborate and think critically about a problem with like-minded students. Regardless of the type of competition, I plan on participating in another competition to broaden my horizons and continue sharpening my presentation skills. The Leadership Communication Studio (LCS) Case Community in Krannert was extremely supportive and I was very impressed with the competition I was able to compete in.""

    Special thanks to the LCS broad community for supporting and providing training towards this initiative. 
    Learn about Conexus, the competition, and how Conexus encourages bright students to pursue degrees in logistics and supply chain management. 

     Again, Congratulations to these REMARKABLE students! 

  • Case Competition Expectations for Students

    October, 2017

    travel bag

    When you have been selected as a case competition team member, please use this information to help you know what is expected of you during your travel, the competition, and follow-up. 

    1. Boiler up.  When you are traveling that you are Purdue.  Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times, not just when you are presenting your case analysis. 
    2. Connect.  Make sure the entire team and the advisor have exchanged cell phone numbers for easy coordination.  Email addresses will help as well.
    3. Always be on time.  Always be where you are supposed to be.  In consideration of your teammates and your advisor, you will be expected to be on time—preferably early—for all meetings, outings, and travel arrangements.  Arriving late jeopardizes the entire team and creates a more stressful travel experience for everyone. Be on time and have all of your documents and travel requirements ready.  These actions visibly demonstrate your dedication to the team and your professionalism.
    4. Stay safe.  Be aware of surroundings while traveling. Work together to stay safe and healthy.
    5. Problems?  Notify your advisor as soon as possible if you encounter any difficulties while you are on the road.  For example, if you become ill, notify your advisor.  In emergencies, call 911.  
    6. Rest equals success.  You will do your best in a competition if you get proper sleep.  Your team should plan time for your analysis, preparation, and rehearsal so that you will be rested and ready to present.  Remember, you want to get past the first round and learn from the final rounds.
    7. Learn.  Judges will usually provide feedback to teams and individuals; you are expected to attend feedback sessions and take notes.  Doing so demonstrates your commitment to improvement and speaks well of your team.
    8. Learn more.  You are expected to attend all final presentations.  Even if your team is eliminated in an early round, you will learn a great deal by watching the final presentations. 
    9. Share what you learn.  You will be asked to provide your feedback about the competition and provide advice for future participants.  In this way, you can contribute to the success of future Krannert teams.  Your feedback about the value of the competition, organization, and tips for performing well in the competition will be invaluable. This is required before you receive your reimbursement for expenses. 
    10. Enjoy.  Meet new people.  Make good memories.

    Students if you are traveling to a LCS case competition, please complete this survey. Thanks.

  • STAMINA4 IT/Analytics Winning Teams

    September, 2017

    Participants and Coaches

    The Leadership Communication Studio Case Community 2017 STAMINA4 Participants and Coaches

    2017 STAMINA4 IT/Analytics Case Competition held from September 18-22 at Krannert 

    Sponsored by the Business Information and Analytics Center (BIAC) in partnership with the Leadership Communication Studio (LCS)

    Purdue Students Advancing to the Purdue vs. Indiana University IT/Analytics Case Competition being held at IU October 26-27

    Teams included undergraduate and masters students from across the Purdue Campus

    Winning teams include:

    First Place
    Christine Rasquinha, Siddhanth Rajagopolan, Mike Hanson, Randy Wang

    Second Place
    Sumedh Badve, Quincy Smith, Austin Snair, Hayden Grow

    Third Place
    Brian Kim, Logan DeWitt, Caleb Patrick, Jonathan Kovacev

    Fourth Place
    Ji Jiang, Shenyang Yang, Puneeth Shetty, Lamiya Abizer Kothari

    Tom Aliff, Equifax
    Michael Courtney, Accenture
    Sharleene Rigali, Crane Naval Base
    Dave Suwanski, Nielsen MROI Analytic Services

    MBA Senior Consultant
    Kristina Hollars, 2018

    The judges’ were impressed with the students and found it very difficult to select the top teams and award winners.

    Congratulations to all of the student participants.

  • STAMINA4 Social Impact Winning Teams

    September 2017

    winning students

    Congratulations to the students! Image: Matt Butler, Sebastian Weakland, Emily Cox, and Joe Vandermus

    2017 STAMINA4 SOCIAL IMPACT Case Competition held at Krannert from September 21-22

    Sponsored by the Leadership Communication Studio in partnership with the Business Information and Analytics Center (BIAC)

    Krannert Students Advancing to the Kelley-Krannert Case Competition being held at Krannert from November 10-11 include:

    First Place
    Matt Butler, Emily Cox, Sebastian Weakland, Joe Vandermus, $2000 per team

    Second Place
    Katelyn Arrowsmith, Meagan Cooper, Eesha Patel, Tiffany Zheng, $1200 per team

    Third Place
    Megan Hammond, Mateo Menchaca, Lindsey Prommer, Kristina Young, $800  per team

    Fourth Place
    John Brock, Halle Kolling, Colleen Louie

    Executive Presence Award and $500
    Eesha Patel

    Tom Barber, PrinterOn, a Samsung Electronics Company
    Joe Burke, BDO
    Peter Clyne, Leidos
    Jim Dodson, SpendBridge
    Kenneth Harling, Wilfrid University
    Charlene Sullivan, Purdue University

    MBA Senior Consultant:
    Kristina Hollars, 2018

    The judges’ were impressed with the students and found it very difficult to select the top teams and award winner. 

    Special thanks to all the broad LCS case community volunteers for their leadership.

    Congratulations to all of the student participants!

  • Students advancing to an International Case Challenge

    September 2017

    Alexander Tan

    Alexander Tan presents a winning presentation  

    2017 Leadershp Communication Studio (LCS) STAMINA4 

    Tryouts for Center for International Research Case Competition at UConn being held between October 11-14, 2017

    Advancing Participants:

    • Mateo Menchaca
    • Vidditt Kapur
    • Shadman Khan
    • Alexander Tan

    View Program

    To advance these students worked as inviduals to analyze a complicated case and create an analysis. Next, they presented their findings to a group of judges. The judges and coaches were pleased with the advancing students abilities to analyze a case in four hours, and create a story with strategic action. The story line in the presentation connected to their data and findings. The LCS team wishes the students the best as they advance to next competition. The competition being held at the University of Connecticut from October 11 -16. These Krannert undergraduates will be assigned to international teams with students from around the globe. The LCS Case Community challenges the students to bring their best selves.

  • DATATHON at Purdue

    April 2017

    BIAC Nielsen DATATHON winners

    Congratulations to these EXTRAORDINARY students who took part in the Spring BIAC Nielsen DATATHON

    First Place

    • Dione Fultz
    • Qi Zhu

    Second Place

    • PeiKai (Matt) Xia

    Third Place

    • Francesca Tosi

    Special thanks to Nielsen for providing an opportunity for students marry data with other data sources to practice how to analyze problems and create innovative solutions.  Learn about BIAC and how this Purdue Center at Krannert is connected to modern corporations’ capacity to gather data.

  • PowerShift Case Competition

    April 2017

    Students at PowerShift Case Competition

    Congratulations to the students who took part in a real-world gender issue case competition at Krannert on April 21.

    The Jane Brock-Wilson Women in Management Center led this competition in collaboration with Dr. Ellen Ernst Kossek, the Basil S. Turner Professor of Management and research director of the Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence. PowerShift was made possible by support from Accenture and Purdue University Libraries.

    Bravo to the winning teams!

    First Place:

    • Monika Meng
    • Isaac Tang
    • Xin Wei
    • Ruoxuan Zhao

    Second Place:

    • Megan Smith
    • Cooper Dixon
    • Jared Andrews
    • Alyssa Walther
    • Carrie Zylstra-Skinner

    Third Place:

    • Shannon Kane
    • Grant Longacre
    • Nadia Duke
    • Natalie Burgos
  • Undergraduate Research Symposium Winner

    April 2017

    2017 UGRS Winner

    The Undergraduate Research and Poster Symposium was a meaningful way for me to share my research and project findings with others while learning more about the projects that my peers had completed in various areas of study. For my involvement with the symposium this year, I was fortunate enough to present my involvement with Purdue Orbital as the Marketing and Business Development Manager. As a new member of this aerospace organization this past fall, I learned about their mission and recent project of developing an alternative way to launch satellites. Currently, satellites are tacked onto large rockets and then launched into orbit; however, this method is extremely time-consuming and costly method in terms of energy, money, and efficiency. We are working to develop a "rockoon" platform structure at an altitude of fifteen kilometers that can launch satellites quickly, more effectively, and furthermore enabling us to benefit from the improved communication, connectivity, and internet technology of satellites.

    The video below presents one of our recent launches to test the Location and Orientation Control Systems (LOCS) for the overall “rockoon” design ( With my involvement with Purdue Orbital, we applied for various grants and merit funds to raise $6,500 as well as competed in the Schurz Communication Challenge. Additionally, we compiled a report outlining the feasibility of various future options, where we compared the relative advantages and disadvantages for growth including a limited liability company (LLC), incubator, and accelerator. Overall, we were able to increase awareness of Purdue Orbital and our current project by working with various campus resources including the Purdue Foundry, as well as networking with other start-up companies, mentors and affiliates with aerospace engineering, and prospective investors. My involvement with Purdue Orbital has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career. The opportunity to work within a completely new field of study has helped me understand and appreciate aerospace engineering, as well as apply my business knowledge in a meaningful way. I have had the pleasure of working on interdisciplinary teams, which has challenged and strengthened my skills in communication, teamwork, and collaboration with others from various majors and backgrounds. Overall, I feel very fortunate to be a part of this organization and have a meaningful impact on their growth and future endeavors.


  • We-You Bond A+ Coaching (USDiDi)



    We-You Bond A+Coaching (previous USDiDi), which is coaching service for International Students and communication platform for their parents, was one of 5 finalists and took $5,000 at the Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition

    The three-person team consists of Purdue students Jifu Wen, a senior triple majoring in Marketing\Finance\Psychology; Can Zhao, a junior majoring in supply Chain and Yuhao Lu, a senior majoring in computer science.

    Their service aims to help incoming International Students adjust to the first 2 years in United States, while objectively updating students’ lives. The service is a weekly based coaching session (will be documented by coach) between trained seniors and coachees. This will introduce new students to different on-campus resources as well as help student parents have a better understanding of their children’s College lives.

    Currently, the web resides on and the resource sharing platform is on and partnering with the app “普渡帮(available in app store)”

    Bobby Wen explained his role in the start-up’s development that looks to better accommodate international students: “As a student majoring in marketing and finance and participated in multiple case competitions,” Bobby said, “my role in this project is primarily being the coach and connecting different resources.”

    There are currently 9 coachees using the service as well as 8000 registered user for the non-profit platform. As one coachee reported: “My coach, Bobby, helped me gain significantly more insight into my graduation plan and actually helped me saved one semester worth of tuition!”

    “It all started as a joke with my case competition partner!” Can Zhao laughed, when being asked how it all begun, “Bobby and I were just talking how little other international students know about different resources on-campus, and then we figured there might be an opportunity here!” Then they heard about the Burton, D. Morgan Competition, of which they got selected and then went on becoming one of 5 finalists. “That was when we thought, ‘wow, this might actually work!!!’,” said Bobby.

    We-You Bond team now is attempting to collaborate with International Program to better Chinese international Student Community. Their collaboration will start this summer as the new student incoming orientation. Bobby credits supports from Leadership Communication Studio and Purdue Foundry for the current progress in We-You Bond. “Without support from our advisor, Melissa Evens, and all the programs available in Purdue USUniversity, the idea would hardly be even conceivable.” Bobby said in the end, “it is really comforting and reaffirming to see that other people actually believe in your idea and rewarding to help others pursue their dreams!”

    Yuhao Lu

    Yuhao Lu

    Can Zhao

    Can Zhao

    Jifu (Bobby) Wen

    Jifu (Bobby) Wen

  • Poets & Quants "Best & Brightest" business majors

    "Madison is also an activator and has an amazing ability to take thoughts and plans and turn them into action. She is a woman of action! I believe the most endearing quality Madison possesses is her integrity. She is one of the hardest-working students I know and always goes above and beyond."

    - Sharlee Lyons, Director of Krannert Leaders Academy

    Madison Long

    Meet Madison, Poets and Quants Article

    "Riley Owens is a remarkable and mature student who has contributed much to the Krannert and Purdue culture through his leadership and actions. He has utilized his innovative and resourceful leadership style to engage multiple students into new learning opportunities. Riley and his colleagues in the case community have worked collectively to broaden real-life learning opportunities for themselves, others and future Boilermakers."

    - Melissa Evens, Director of the Leadership Communication Studio

    Riley Owens

    Meet Riley, Poets and Quants Article

  • Undergraduate Research Symposium



    Purdue hosted the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium at the Purdue Memorial Union on Tuesday, April 11.

    The following Krannert Students received monetary award and public recognition at the event:

    1st Purdue Orbital Marketing and Business Development

    Leeane Chen, Senior

     Leeanne Chen

    2nd Comparing the Sick Leave and Maternity Leave Policies in the United States and France

    Brianna Gieseler, Senior

     Brianna Gieseler

    3rd Can a Two-Day Industry Related Experience Impact What Students Want to Do After Graduation?

    Oswin Chackochan, Senior

    Oswin Chackochan

    Krannert applauds these students for dedicating their time to research and discovery at Purdue.

    Purdue Undergraduate Research Symposium

  • Spring Fest 2017


    Krannert pins

    Colleges from across campus welcomed families to the 2017 Spring Fest at Purdue to enjoy learning and hands-on activities.

    Krannert junior Shannon Kane orchestrated her third-active learning project at Spring Fest, the Minute Business Challenge.

    Minute Business Challenge Participants had the opportunities to create innovative solutions to real-world problems and present their ideas to Dr. Charlene Sullivan, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, and Finance Professor and Eric Davis, Krannert junior.

    Davis and Sullivan were both impressed with the innovative solutions coming from participants.

    Participants ranged from Toddlers to Baby Boomers, and engaged entire families. 

    One family traveled to the West Lafayette campus so the entire family could participate in the event that emulates the television hit, "Shark Tank."

    Kane invented the challenge when she was a freshman in partnership with the Leadership Communication Studio.  

    This year, the event held at Lilly Hall engaged over 125 students and families.

    Congratulations to Kane and her colleagues for executing another successful Minute Business Challenge.

    minute business challenge

    The School of Agriculture organized the annual event in partnership with multiple colleges. Spring Fest welcomes thousands of people to campus.

    Spring Fest 2017 photo gallery

  • 2017 National Supply Chain and Operations Case Competition


    National Supply Chain and Operations Case Competition

    Krannert Students participated in the fifth National Undergraduate Supply Chain and Operations Case Competition at the University of Minnesota. The Supply Chain and Operations Department, the Joseph M. Juran Center for Research in Supply Chain, Operations, and Quality, and the Supply Chain Operations Student Club at the Carlson School of Management sponsored the fifth annual National Undergraduate Case Competition.

    The team—Matthew “Matea” Menchaca, Jasmin Navarro, Vidditt Kapur, and Vinit Ghia received a real-world supply chain and operations case written by Land O’Lakes Inc, then created solutions, and presented their recommendations to corporate judges within 24 hours. Purdue was one of eighteen university competing in the competition.

    This year, students worked on a problem to solve a supply chain and operations problem with Land O’Lakes’ newly acquired Cozy Shack pudding.

    At the awards ceremony, Land O’Lakes shared actual solutions to address the supply chain and operations problems in the case. The company also mentioned they would be incorporating many of the innovative solutions developed by students. This case competition has a focus on providing an exceptional learning experience for undergraduate students. The LCS was proud to have these students represent Purdue University.

    The Leadership Communication Studio team is excited to have these students participate in future case competitions.

    National Undergraduate Supply Chain and Operations Case Competition

  • Hydro Grow, LLC won the Burton D. Morgan Competition


    John Kissel
    Scott Massey

    John Kissel, Krannert Undergraduate and team Hydro Grow, LLC meet with President Daniels at the Purdue Anvil.

    Scott Massey, a Polytechnic student, Hydro Grow founder and CEO, invented this agricultural concept to allow consumers and/or restauranteurs to grow fresh vegetables in the kitchen.

    The invention uses biodegradable pod cups and a stand-alone tower.

    Kissel is the revenue officer who is responsible for new business development and strategy.

    At the 30th Annual Burton D. Morgan Business Competition, the Hydro Grow team members won the undergraduate division.

    The team also won free legal and consulting advice, and a one-year membership at the Anvil Co-working space.  The invention is on display at the Anvil.

    Learn about Hydro Grow


  • The MBA team took top honors at The Ohio State Case Competition


    Applause for Krannert 3+2 Student Christine Rasquinha and Team Members


    Winning students

    Krannert students feeling accomplished:, Matt Kennedy, Christine Rasquinha, Paula Perez, Humphrey Kanyoke

    Krannert 3+2 Student Christine Rasquinha and  her team took first Place at the Fisher College of Business Big 10 Plus Case Competition at OSU, Maryland in second and Illinois in third.

    Teams from Michigan State, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Washington University also competed in the weekend event.

    At the competition, Rasquinha also was recognized as the Best Presenter for the Purdue competition flight. This was her 24th Purdue Case Competition.

    The case community applauds Christina Rasquinha for her tenacity and growth mindset, to push herself and people forward. 

    Rasquinha, a friend of the case community has served as President of the Boiler Business Competitions Club (BBC) and is currently President of Purdue Consulting Club at Krannert.

    Rasquinha will graduate in May of 2017 with her bachelors, and in May 2018 with her MBA: both degrees from Krannert.

  • International Students Share Case Competition Perspectives


    The Anvil
    Students in a discussion

    In collaboration with stakeholders, the Leadership Communication Studio mission is to equip students with the tools for successful academic and professional development, through unique signature learning opportunities, outside of the classroom.

    This semester, Lola Saura Berrocal, Oscar Bruno, Andrea Salerno, and Aziz Sirajuddin participated as a team in the Zimmer Biomet Case Competition, the innovative group of international students were recognized with the Courageous Creativity Award.

    The students share how the case experience enriched their cultural, educational, and business perspectives.

    Lola Saura Berrocal
    Business Management

    Carlos III University
    Madrid, Spain

    "Participating in the case competition for the first time was a great experience; you get the opportunity to face certain challenges that you will have to face in the future whenever you get to the labor market. You get to know professionals from different fields, gain confidence when talking to them, as well as in presenting your ideas, and listen to feedback on what you could do to keep improving.

    Another thing I found very enriching was the fact of being finally able to apply the knowledge I have gained during university, and, in this sense, get to see the difference between the theoretical versus the practical part of the field I am in."

    • Future Plans

      "I may start a career in consulting and see where I finally end up. Two things I am not willing to give up on the career path: developing creativity, travelling and never stop learning!"

    Oscar Mosconi Colombo
    Bocconi University
    Milan, Italy

    "I think that international students should participate in this kind of case competition to improve the language and to be able to know new people with different backgrounds but common interests."

    • Future Plans

      "After graduation I am currently undecided if I will have an internship experience in the financial field or I will continue my academic career with a master of science in finance outside of Italy."

    Andrea Salerno
    Business Administration
    Bocconi University
    Milan, Italy

    ""It is an amazing experience to compete in a foreign country: it allows you to understand how other culture consider certain matter, how people behave in this situation so it gives a wider view of a different culture."

    • Future Plans

      "I'm going to have a summer internship in Europe to experience the job market. In September I will start a Master of Science in Management at Bocconi University or a Master of Science in International management at ESCP."

    Aziz Sirajuddin
    Chemical Engineering, with Minors in Economics, Management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership and Environmental Engineering
    Purdue University
    Fully sponsored by King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST) Gifted Student Program's graduate division.
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    "Case competitions provide an excellent opportunity for international students to demonstrate their unique skills while learning extremely valuable skills. Case competitions provide a great chance and stage to hone and demonstrate presentational skills for international students. On the other hand, students with international backgrounds usually bring unique and out-of-box solutions given the variance in their respective curriculums."

    • Future Plans

      "KAUST sponsorship mandates pursuing a graduate degree with the institute in a selected option of engineering or science degrees. Ultimately, I plan to pursue a career in consulting management in the hopes of building and honing my business analysis skills. Finally, I aim to start my own business utilizing the multitude of skills I aim to acquire throughout my career."

    View Case Competitions and Opportunties Krannert here.

  • Minute Business Challenge


    Minute Business Challenge

    On Friday, March 24, a team from the Purdue Leadership Communication Studio (LCS) at Krannert presented the "Minute Business Challenge" in a 4th and 5th grade high ability class at Mayflower Elementary. Students had opportunities to create innovative solutions to real world problems and present their ideas to coaches and to their peers.

    Krannert students, Shannon Kane, the "Minute Business Challenge" inventor and Jay Petrie, collaborated with Courtney Farrell, a Purdue Elementary and Special Education Senior to bring this activity to the elementary school. Farrell assisted the Krannert students in orchestrating the activity and demonstrated a passion for experiential learning and student engagement.

    Mayflower students engaged in this entrepreneurial educational activity and were well equipped for this activity. Their classroom teacher Gina Boyd, is a nationally recognized educator integrates economic vocabulary and education into her classroom. Boyd is a collaborator with the Purdue Center for Economic Education.

    According to Melissa Evens, the LCS project coach, Kane a Purdue Honors Student has plans to share the success of the Minute Business Challenge. Kane will publish a paper next year. A goal of the activity is to create early awareness of business careers and ignite entrepreneurial thought in younger generations.

    Individuals interested in participating in the Minute Business Challenge can visit Spring Fest on April 8. The Minute Business Challenge at Spring Fest will be held on Saturday, April 8th from 
    1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. at the Lilly Hall of Life Sciences Building, Room 3012. Email Shannon Kane, at with Minute Business Challenge questions.

    Click here to learn about Spring Fest, an educational and fun event at Purdue.

  • Trailblazers in Crowe Horwath STAMINA2 Case Event!



    STAMINA2 Team

    On Friday, March 3rd, the Leadership Communication Studio (LCS)  hosted the 1st annual STAMINA2 case competition, sponsored by Crowe Horwath. Twenty freshman and sophomore students had the opportunity to prepare their recommendations on a short case based around Anti Money Laundering practices and present to a panel of expert judges from Crowe Horwath.  

    STAMINA2 featured a unique, high-speed format, allowing just two hours for each team of two, to prepare their first round presentations. Four advancing teams had opportunities to participate in the rapid-fire final round to test their ability to exhibit STAMINA. 

    Judges focused on competitors’ ability to communicate effectively without PowerPoint slides and to demonstrate a clear line of thought in solving the business problem.   

    Feedback from the judges was positive, and the LCS team continues to be impressed by Purdue students’ level of talent and initiative. 

    The LCS project team considers the participants “Trailblazers” as these students stepped out of their comfort zones to stretch their skills and gain new knowledge. 

    Winners of the inaugural Crowe Horwath STAMINA2 Case Competition:

    First Place ($1,000): Joshua Groh, Divyam Shah

    Runners-up ($600): Sairam Venkatasubramanian, Vidditt Kapur 

    Still 1
    Still 2
    Still 3
    Still 4

    The Leadership Communication Studio would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our sponsors from Crowe Horwath, who played an integral role in making this event a success. We would also like to appreciate the LCS staff members for their hard work, ensuring a well-run and well-executed competition.

    From Crowe Horwath
    Bob Lazard - Judge & Lead Sponsor
    Tom Lazard - Judge & Case Co-author
    Bob Dobis - Judge
    Brian Buchheit - Judge
    Stacey Ball - Marketing & Recruiting
    Suzanne Robinson - Workshop Presenter
    Steve Kurylowicz - Marketing Support

    LCS Staff & Contributors
    Melissa Evens - LCS Collaborator
    Desiree Shannon - Catering & Operations
    Jay Petrie - Operational Support
    Riley Owens - Operational Support
    Sairam Venkatasubramanian - Marketing
    Matt Bobrowski - Program Director

  • Land O’Lakes Living Case Competition

    March 2017

    People at Land O' Lakes Living Case Competition

    The Land O’Lakes Living Case Competition

    On Friday, Feb. 24, eight teams of students from the College of Agriculture and the Krannert School of Management with a sprinkling of students from Science and Engineering took part in the inaugural Land O’Lakes Living Case competition. In this Living Case Competition, students received the case materials from observation, listening, asking questions, and their abilities to join conversations. Student had opportunities to visit a farm, Ceres Solutions, LLP, and participate in a panel discussion with agricultural experts. The case focused on sustainable and business practices in the agriculture industry.

    On Saturday, Feb. 25, teams presented their case findings to agricultural experts. Purdue Agriculture students, Dane Chapman and Erica Timmons won first place honors and an award of $8,000, provided by Land O’Lakes, Inc.  Purdue Krannert School of Management students, Andrea Choka, Rachel Thalls, and Vinit Ghia won second place honors and an award of $2000, also provided by Land O’Lakes.

    Still 1
    Still 2
    Still 3
    Still 4

    The Case

    The case topic focused on the newly developed SUSTAIN business division of Land O’Lakes Inc. SUSTAIN is a new business division of Land O’Lakes, Inc. The goal at SUSTAIN is to position Ag retailers as leaders in the environmentally sustainable agriculture movement in the communities they serve and in the broader Ag industry.  Visit SUSTAIN  to learn more about this industry.

    In this competition, students served as consultants to help the new division, SUSTAIN refine their value proposition. Drew Garretson, Regional Technology Manager for the Eastern and Southern United States at Land O’Lakes challenged students to answer the following questions:

    1) What are retailer opportunities for enhancing their current sustainability recommendations and solutions?

    2) What are the biggest obstacles the retailer faces in influencing farmer customers when they consider adopting new practices and products?

    3) When working with a farmer new to sustainability practices, how would you recommend a retailer approach them?

    Students worked into the night and only had four hours to work with small teams to develop a presentation. The next day, on Saturday, Feb. 25, teams presented their ideas to a group of judges.  Jeff Troike, President and CEO of Ceres Solutions, LLP helped select the winning team and thanked the students for their work to contribute new ideas to the SUSTAIN business division. Troike also shared the importance of SUSTAIN as he believes new practices in farming could possibly become the most important technology of this century. 

    Awards were presented to the following students:

    Winning Team, $8000- College of Ag 
    Dane Chapman, Agriculture
    Erica Timmons, Agriculture

    Second-Place Team, $2000- Krannert School
    Andrea Choka, Science
    Rachel Thalls, Management
    Vinit Ghia, Management

    Outstanding Presenters:
    Jacquelyn Brown, Agriculture
    Sam Phares, Management

    Betsy Bower, Ceres Solutions Agronomist
    Dr. Kenneth Foster, Purdue Faculty
    Drew Garretson, WinField United Sales Manager
    Dr. Allan Gray, Purdue Faculty
    Dr. Michael Gunderson, Purdue Faculty
    Dr. Kenneth Harling, Wilfred University Canada  
    Phil Healey, WinField United District Sales Manager
    Jessica Strasberger, WinField United Sales Rep
    Jeff Troike, Ceres Solutions CEO and Land O’Lakes Board Member

    Purdue Project Team:
    Dr. Allan Gray
    Dr. Mike Gunderson
    Dr. Will Secor
    Mr. Matt Bobrowski, MBA
    Ms. Melissa A. Evens, MS

    Still 5
    Still 6
    Still 7
    Still 8

    In 2018
    The Land O’Lakes Living Case Competition on-site events were held in the Krannert Building, the home of Agricultural Economics and the Krannert School of Management. Teams from both colleges are looking forward to collaborating with Land O’Lakes to create an even more interactive case study in 2018.  


  • Zimmer Biomet Live Case Competition

    February 2017

    team four
    team 1
    team 3
    team 2

    Zimmer Biomet hosted a STAMINA4 case competition from February 9-10, at the Krannert School. On Thursday, February 9, students gathered at the Purdue Anvil for a community meeting and listened to a live case. Following the live case, teams of four worked for four hours to analyze the case and create an analysis. The following day, students presented their findings to leaders from Zimmer Biomet.

    Zimmer Biomet Associate Financial Analyst and Purdue Alum, Steven Caltrider shares. 
    “Being a proud Boilermaker and Krannert School of Management Graduate, I was thrilled to partner with Purdue for a Zimmer Biomet sponsored Case Competition.  The presenting teams exhibited great knowledge and training typical of Purdue students.  The same training that prepared me to launch my career at Zimmer Biomet in our Financial Development Program.  Our program kick starts your career by way of rotating you throughout different roles in Finance to prepare you to be a future leader in the company."

    Kristina Hollars, Purdue MBA student directed the event in partnership with the Boiler Business Competitions organization (BBC) and the Leadership Communication Studio (LCS) team. 

    Special thanks to Zimmer Biomet for their financial and academic contributions. 

    Judges and Coaches from Zimmer Biomet for STAMINA4: 

    Steven Caltrider 
    Kylie Kehres
    Ted Krempp
    Drew Linder
    Anne Maurer
    Krannert Faculty Judge: Dr. Charlene Sullivan 


    Executive Presence Student Award:
    Sebastian Weakland

    Team Awards: 

    1st Place and $2800:
     Joshua Groh
     Viddit Kapur
     Alex Kortepeter
     Jifu Wen 
    2nd Place $1200:
     John Busald
     Catherin Dillon
     Maggie Godleski
     Marcos Zatkulak 
    3rd Place:
     Matt Butler
     Emily Cox
     Joe Vandermus
     Tim Weiss 
    4th Place:
     Udompong Limpan
     Mark Pollard
     Hae Won Park 

    Courageous Creativity to the Study Abroad International Team:

    Oscar Bruno
    Andrea Salerno
    Lola Saura Berrocal
    Aziz Sirajuddin 

    Visit the LCS Facebook page to view a video of the event, and click here to learn about the Leadership Communication Studio

    Congratulations to all of the student participants. 
      zimmer biomet case competition

  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Research

    January 2017

    Students at a discussion

    1. Career advancement

    Have you ever thought about the chance to get published? Research provides you with that exact prospect. It will allow you the opportunity to develop the field in which you are most interested, while building your career. Research skills will demonstrate to your future employer your ability to focus on a goal, think critically to achieve your goal, and remain openminded even when disproven. Employers want driven, openminded critical thinkers in their workplace, and research demonstrates just that. Becoming published will open a variety of doors to different career paths, whether you get job offers to work for the research and development department of a top company, or the opportunity to present your research across the country. Having published research will be an easy talking point for you and your interviewer, and certainly the “cherry on top” of a great resume.

    2. Gain skills that are transferable to management

    Briefly it was mentioned that having research experience demonstrates certain abilities to future employers, but it also provides transferable skills to the workplace. On a regular basis, you will be tasked with solving dilemmas, improving products, working in a team, and making tough decisions. Everything will be addressed in the production of research. In research, you learn how to solve problems with creative solutions. In doing this you might be faced with tough decisions, whereas no one likes these facets, they will prepare for making tough management decisions. This could be firing someone, or not launching a product. Research also equips you with teamwork experience. You will be able to find the delicate balance between being a leader and follower. This is just like when you might have to take charge in a project, or sit back and be the follower on a project.

    "Where do I begin! Not only has research allowed me to learn about a subject I am very interested in on a more in-depth level, it has also taught me valuable critical thinking and problem solving skills (through experiment troubleshooting, thinking critically about data and their implications, making decisions about future experiments based on previous results). Research has also made me comfortable working as part of a team, because much of what I do is in collaboration with others". – University of Iowa Student

    3. It is an “unlimited” opportunity

    To put it quite literally, research is a never-ending opportunity. There will always be a need for further insights, whether it’s to understanding why behavior is the way it is in an organization or what the next consumer preferences might become. Research permeates nearly every academic subject, including management and business administration. Your next research project will not only provide you with new and exciting knowledge, but the opportunity to understand the intricacies of multiple industries. It is an opportunity to build your portfolio and to become savvy in a subject that others are not. You are not limited in research; no matter where your interests take you, there is an opportunity to thirst for more knowledge.

    4. Critical for innovation

    In the business realm, you have people who are constantly redefining the boundaries of innovation and technology. None of this can be done without adequate research and development. In the increasingly disruptive business world, businesses must continue to innovate despite a lack of perceived threats. Developing research experience early on could enable you develop a method or innovative product that could inadvertently change the entirety of an industry. Furthermore, this skill will be valuable for your future career, where research and data analytics are becoming even more valuable to the business world.

    Click here to learn more about researching.


    What is Disruptive Innovation: Harvard Business Review.

    What Students Say About Benefits of Research: University of Iowa.

  • Case Interview Workshop

    January, 2017

    Students at workshop

    To jumpstart the spring semester, Accenture hosted a Case Interview Workshop Studio in partnership with the Leadership Communication Studio, Boiler Business Competitions Club, and Purdue Consulting Club (PCC) on January 18, at the Purdue Memorial Union.

    Purdue graduate and Accenture Managing Director and Enterprise Architect, Mike Courtney facilitated a discussion on the following topics:

    Why Case Interviews
    What to Expect
    Case Interviews—A Structured Approach

    According to Courtney, Accenture “evaluates their candidates based on their skills, such as problem solving and effective communication, and on their personality, to see if they are a good fit for the company and management consulting career.”

    After learning more about the case interview, workshop participants collaborated with small groups and Accenture coaches (listed below) to practice and apply case interview skills.

    After practice time working in small groups, students had opportunities to observe Purdue senior, Jennifer Martinez who will be joining Accenture as a fulltime analyst in the summer, 2017 participate in a case interview conducted by Courtney.

    At the event, Accenture also invited undergraduate students to participate in the Accenture U.S. Innovation Challenge “Do Well by Doing Good.” Accenture hosted this case competition at Krannert on February 17. Purdue graduate and Accenture Analyst, Jorge Perdigao coordinated the case competition with his Accenture colleagues. Accenture challenged participants to create innovative solutions to solve real problems effecting Habitat of Humanity.

    The Leadership Communication Studio, Boiler Business Competitions Club, and the Purdue Consulting Club thank Accenture for their dedication to expose students to growth opportunities and consulting careers. 

    Accenture is an organization that has positive impact on millions of lives every day, to learn more click here.

    Accenture Coaches Supporting Students at Purdue University:

    Mike Courtney

    Managing Director and Enterprise Architect Technology for Operations Indianapolis
    Ariana Diaz Functional and Industry Digital Analyst Digital Marketing- Social Media and Collaboration Chicago
    Jen Kalmus Operations Lead and Functional Architect Technology for Operations Chicago
    Jenny Krapf Campus Recruiter Corporate Functions- Recruiting Chicago
    Sharon Marchinski Project Manager CIO Indianapolis
    Amy Peterson Capability Lead and Functional Architect Technology for Operations Indianapolis
    Jennifer Martinez Intern (Full-time Consulting Analyst starting in summer 2017) Consulting New York
    Tomi Onadeko Consulting Analyst Financial Services Chicago
    Liz Shay Management Consulting Senior Manager

    Communications, Media, & Technology

    Regina Tollinchi Management Consulting Senior Analyst Management Consulting, Resources, F&EP Chicago
    Still 1
    Still 2