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Case Preparation

Case Questions Interactive is a new tool for all Krannert students to utilize for case interview preparation. The Self-Taught Portal provides students with the skill-enhancing exercises they need to perform well in the interview under pressure. It is full of math questions involving percentages, weighted averages, break evens, net present values, and multi-digit multiplication. It also has market-sizing questions, eight case starts, twelve full cases, and most relevant consulting behavioral questions. It is used full-time at 37 of the top business schools.

The tool is connected to the website for Marc Cosentino who is recognized as “the world’s foremost authority on case interviewing”. He is the author of the best-selling book Case in Point which is recommended to use with the new tool.  


Student Login:

Username: Student Purdue email address

Password: casequestions40

Click here to go to the website.