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Fall Conference - Speakers 1988-89

Jeffrey G. MillerJeffrey G. Miller

Director, Manufacturing Roundtable

Professor of Management

Boston University

Jeffrey G. Miller is a Professor of Management at Boston University and serves as Director of the Manufacturing Roundtable. Prior to joining the Boston University faculty, Professor Miller taught at Harvard University's Graduate School of Industrial Administration. In 1985-86, Mr. Miller served as Visiting Professor at the Graduate School of Management at Stanford University.

Mr. Miller's work experience includes four years with Dow Chemical Company. In this capacity, Mr. Miller held a variety of responsible positions in the administrative and manufacturing areas.

Professor Miller is co-author of two texts on operations management, as well as many articles and case studies on production, logistics, materials management, and operations strategy. He founded the Manufacturing Futures Projects at Boston University in 1982 and devotes much of his research to the continuation of this survey project which focuses on develping a better understanding of global manufacturing strategies and actions.

Mr. Miller's professional experience in the area of the management of manufacturing includes consulting and teaching experiences in several executive programs for industrial firms and universites in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Latin America.

Professor Miller's presentaiton for the Conference on Manufacturing Management: The Engine of Economic Growth, is entitled: "Manufacturing Futures."


Owen BieberOwen Bieber

President, International Union

United Automobile Workers

Owen Bieber has served as President of the United Automobile Workers since 1983 and has been a UAW member since 1948. As president, Mr. Bieber has concentrated contract negotiations on job security, emphasized strengthening the union through improved internal education and training programs and intensified worker-to-worker initiatives, and worked to build effective coatlitions with other progressive groups. Mr. Bieber stresses taht future good job opportunities depend on a strong industrial base.

Mr. bieber supports meaningful trade legislation and White House leadership in managing trade policies in the national interest. He believes there is a link between good-paying industrial jobs, U.S. living standards, and social opportunity.

Mr. Bieber speaks extensively to academic audiences, business and government leaders, and civil rights, women's farm, senior citizen, and envirionmental communites. He holds honorary degrees from Grand Valley State College and Ferris State University. He is a member of the Chrysler Corporation Board of Directors, the Michigan Governor's Commission on Jobs and Economic Development, the Economic Alliance of Michigan, the President's Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiations, the Board of Governors of the United Way of America, and the Board of Trustees of New Detroit. Mr. Bieber serves as a vice president and executive council member of the AFL-CIO and a board member of the NAACP.

Mr. Bieber's presentation for the Conferecne on Managing Manufacturing: The Engine of Economic Growth, is entitledc: "Labor Relations in the New Manufacturing Environment: Continuity and Change."


Richard F. TeerlinkRichard F. Teerlink

President and Cheif Operating Officer

Harley-Davidson, Inc.

Richard F. Teerlink has recently been promoted from President, Motocycle Division, to President and Chief Operating Officer of Harley-Davidson, Inc. He is also the Chief Financial Officer of Harley-Davidson. He was named as a member of the Board of Directors in 1982.

Mr. Teerlink earned a master's of business administration degree in 1976 from the University of Chicago and a bachelor's of science degree in accounting from Bradley University in 1961. He is a Certified Public Accountant int he States of Illinois.

In 1981, following executive positions with Herman Miller, Inc. and RTE Corporation, Mr. Teerlink joined Harley-Davidson as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

He was part of the management team that lead the revitalization program and was instrumental in the financial restructuring which lead to the company's return to public ownership in July 1986. Mr. Teerlink also directed the acquisition of Holiday Rambler Corporation; in 1987 he managed the company's move from the American to the New York Stock Exchange.

Mr Teerlink's presentation for the Conference on Managing Manufacturing: The Engine of Economic Growth, in entitled: "The New World of Harley-Davidson."


Ernest C. HugeErnest C. Huge

Partner-in-Charge of the Manufacturing Excellence Practice Ernst & Whinney

Ernest Huge is currently the Partner-in-Charge of the Manufacturing Excellence Practice with the accounting firm Ernst & Whinney. Mr. Huge's professional experience includes many significant positions of responsibility and decision-making in the area of manufacturing and management.

Prior to his position with Ernst & Whinney, Mr. Huge was Corporate Logistics Director for the FMC Corporation. At FMC Corporation's Chicago facility, Mr. Huge's responsibilities included impementing the JIT (just-in-time) philosophy to FMC's line operations.

Prior to FMC, Mr. Huge held the position of Materials Manager with Clark Equipment in Statesville, North Carolina. He worked for ten years at NCR's Data Processing Division in San Diego, California, where he held management positions in a variety of manfuactuing functions. In addition, his background inlcudes a position in Finance of General Dynamics/Convair Divisoin and in Marketing for the Babcock and Wilcox Company.

 Mr. Huge has presented numerous lectures at the APICS National convention and has written papers for the APICS.

Mr. Huge received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio University and an M.S. in Industrial Administration from Purdue. He is certified by NAPM and by APICS at the Fellow Level and is a member of ASQC and SME.

Mr. Huge's presentation for the Conference on Managing Manufacturing: The Engine of Economic Growth, is entitled: "Helping Managers Get Religion: Developing Leadership Commitment to JIT-TQC Implementation."


Richard E. DauchRichard E. Dauch

Executive Vice President - Manufacturing 

Chrysler Motors Corporation

Richard E. Dauch was named Executive Vice President of Manufacturing for the Chrysler Motors Corporation in January 1985. In this position, Mr. Dauch is reponsible for Chrysler's thirteen U.S. and Canadian car and truck assembly plants, five stamping plants, seven power train plants, and supporting manufacturing engineering staff including the Advance Manufacturing Operations at the Outer Drive Manufacturing Technical Center, Group Quality and Product Engineering Staffs. Included are eight former American Motors manufacturing facilities. The Manufacturing Group totals over 68,000 hourly and salary employees.

Mr. Dauch has an extensive background in management and manufacturing. He was named Executive Vice President of Stamping, Assembly, and Diversified Operations in January 1981. Prior to assuming the Executive Vice President position, Mr. Dauch served as Vice President of Chrysler Corporation: a position he was elected to on April 17, 1980.

Prior to his Chrysler experience, Mr. Dauch was Group Vice President of Manufacturing Operations, Volkswagen of America (1978-1980), Vcie President and General Manufacturing Manager, Volkswagen Manufacturing Corporation (1976-1978). Mr. Dauch held a variety of responsible positions with the Chevrolet Motor Division, General Motors Corporation (1964-1976).

Mr. Dauch earned a B.S. in Industrial Management, Purdue Unversity in 1964. He attended Purdue University on an athletic scholarship and erned two varsity letters in football, was elected team captain and most valuable palyer on the 1960 Purdue Freshman Team. Mr. Dauch is a member of the Board of Trustees, Ashland (OH) College; the Dean's Advisiory Council, Krannert Graduate School of Mangement, Purdue University; the Engineering Society of Detroit; Society of Automotive Engineers; Society of Manufacturing Engineers; and Institute of Industrial Engineers. He is member of the board of Directors of Junior Achievement ofr Detroit and Southeastern Michigan.

Mr. Dauch will be the dinner speaker for the Conference on Managing Manufacturing: The Engine of Economic Growth. His presentation is entitled: "Competing Through Manufacturing."