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2013 Fall Conference

October 4, 2013.

“My Career in Operations & Supply Chain”

Thank you to all the participants, speakers, panelists , sponsors and partners for making the conference a success. Students got to hear from the experienced panelists about their career progression and seeked advise on career planning

Discussions were held related to the topics mentioned below


  • What are some of the most important decisions you made for your organization? What led you to make those decisions?
  • What is one mistake you witness leaders making more frequently than others?


  • What’s one recommendation you would have given to yourself years back when you first entered the industry?
  • When something unfair happens, what do you do to handle it? How do you manage your attitude? How has that thought-process improved over time?
  • What’s your biggest challenge in this leadership role?


  • What’s your way of learning the most from others?
  • What are a few resources you would recommend to someone looking to gain insight into becoming a better leader?
  • What is your style of management?


  • How did you overcome the fear of facing challenges or things which you have never done before?
  • What’s a story that inspired you?
  • When faced with two equally-qualified candidates, how do you determine whom to hire?


  • What was your ambition as a student?
  • What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?
  • How do you negotiate your salary or a position you really want?


  • What do you do to energize and motivate yourself?
  • How do you stay committed?


  • How do you keep yourself interested in what you are doing?
  • How do you connect with people around you?
  • What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time?

Work‐life balance

  • How do you balance pursuing opportunities and maintaining focus?
  • They say "it’s lonely at the top." What does friendship look like when you are a leader?
  • Has the weight of responsibility in your leadership ever had any negative effects on other areas of your life?

Click here to view the Fall Conference handout