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2013 Poster Competition
Competition Rules & Requirements

• Must have had a 2013 summer internship. The experience does not necessarily have to be in manufacturing, operations or supply chain, but the poster and your presentation should be framed around those themes. If you need assistance or have questions on whether your internship could apply, please just call or email - we can help!

Registration Deadline is September 22, 2013.

During online registration, you will be required to upload the following documents:

• Submit a 1/2 to 1 page Executive Summary, describing your summer internship. (Details provided below) 

• Submit an updated resume. (These will be shared with all of our industry attendees, and is a great opportunity for you to network your capabilities and expand your job search) 

• Create a 22 inch x 27 inch poster board showcasing your summer internship. *Free Poster Boards are available for all competitors and can be picked up at Krannert 414. You may purchase your own, however the size MUST be the same as noted above.

Poster Board Information

Posters should contain pictures, graphs, power point slides, text, or samples that describe your summer internship. A good starting point is perhaps a final presentation/document that you prepared for your summer internship. Free poster printing is availbale through the Leadership Communication Center (LLC); KRAN 230B. Simply notify them that you are participating in the DCMME 2013 Poster Competition, and provide them with the file to print. Previous sample posters can be viewed when you stop by Krannert 414. You should never include confidential information from your internship; if in doubt on what to include, please call or email for additional direction.

Executive Summary Information

Executive Summary should include the following information: 

• Background information on the company you did your summer internship with. 

• The objective of your summer internship. 

• The results of your summer internship. 

• Remember the goal is to share how YOU added value to the firm over the summer! A great way to market your skills and abilities with interested employers. 

• For more information or assistance, please email: