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Alexander Nazarov

Chief Engineer - COE
Cummins Inc.

Abstract: "Customer Expectations and How a Corporate Ecosystem Could Help"

Cummins products are becoming more complex every year and customer expectations are evolving. Why is an ecosystem the answer? Alexander Nazarov, Chief Engineer at Cummins Inc. will discuss this issue.

Alexander Nazarov is a Product Chief Engineer at Cummins Distribution Business Unit. After the acquisition of North America Distribution Network, he became a part of the leadership team and has played a major role in the development of a central ecosystem. The ecosystem will link together systems, processes, between various functions within a single distributor, and complete North America distribution network. The focus has been to provide enough information about the product to ultimately enable global legendary customer support.

Alexander has more than 10 years of business-building experience. He led in the hiring and coaching of a successful, self–motivated team and developed system processes to support engineering, manufacturing quality, sourcing and service. He has lived and worked in United States, Russia, and Singapore. Alexander's leadership experience has grown because of the diverse opportunities in Russia and Singapore, the technical general management role, and a strong upper management team. He credits his divergent exposure within the business as one of the keys to success in forming strategic partnerships with cross-functional leaders.

Alexander holds a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. He also graduated from the Leadership Skills Program and Management Accounting Program at Singapore Institute of Management.