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Student Involvement

Student Focused

DCMME strives to bring you the best to support your academic endeavors through a wide range of engagement opportunities with industry leaders, international internships, academic programs, competitions and a variety of other marvelous events. Our events are academically enhancing and provide excellent venues for networking with faculty and industry executives.

We highly encourage you to:

  • Join us at DCMME Conferences
  • Participate in DCMME Student Competitions
  • Become a volunteer for DCMME events
  • Become a GSCMI Undergraduate Student Member
  • Participate in company sponsored projects
  • Do research in Supply Chain and Operations
  • Become a graduate assistant for DCMME

My Story with DCMME



Ryan P. Case (MBA 2016): The TVS Internship experience is an outstanding opportunity to explore the Indian business culture and broaden your view on international business. This study abroad program is a fast paced problem solving scenario with unique challenges faced by a developing nation. You are given the opportunity to travel, experience a new culture, and test your skills developed during year one of the MBA program.

Aimee Kappes-Armstrong (MBA 2016):My TVS internship was an extraordinary opportunity. I gained valuable professional and business skills, broadened my intercultural understanding, and furthered my educational experience. As a weekend MBA student working for a non-profit institution, I observed how business principles learned in the classroom are implemented in an international commercial firm through company site visits and meetings with TVS personnel. I gained greater appreciation for India’s culture not only while touring historical landmarks and visiting rural villages, but also by observing the behaviors, customs, beauty, and diversity inherent in Indian daily life. I also became increasingly aware of the political, religious, and technological influences on Indian society and its economy. In retrospect my TVS internship was an invaluable opportunity through which I cultivated not only long-term professional relationships with my TVS mentors and fulltime MBA peers, but also gleaned firsthand knowledge of the key dynamics and complexities of international business.

Amit Kumar (MBA 2016):The TVS internship has been a great learning experience for me. It has given me an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in real time business problems. At the Hosur plant, I had the opportunity to see and learn from the TVS manufacturing practices which have won many international awards. We also received briefing from many senior officials at the company who gave us insight on the core business principles, history, and the company’s vision going forward. I feel this to be a great opportunity to contribute towards TVS’s success story. I am really satisfied with everything I have learned and experienced during this internship.

Gini- Denise Sanchez (MBA 2016):Having the opportunity to travel to a new country is one thing being able to work and dive into the culture is so much more. Through the TVS India internship I was not only able to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom but also interact and learn about a new culture through this hands on experience. My daily activities and work allowed me to better understand India as a country and as a leading developing country.

Pablo Martinez (MBA 2016):I have found the TVS Motors internship to be one of the richest and most fulfilling experiences in my life. At every stage, I have been challenged in different aspects, not only professionally, but personally as well. This internship has proven to be a must for anyone interested in doing business abroad. TVS Motors was a great supporter, and the project I undertook was a great opportunity to push myself to think outside the box. What an amazing opportunity as a foreigner overseas in an exotic country, challenging myself to understand the culture, to learn at every step, to work under pressure and to formulate the best recommendation in a short period of time.

PanPan (MBA Class 2014): I worked for American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) in the Shanghai Asian Headquarter as a supply chain management intern this summer. This internship opportunity comes to Krannert through DCMME Center. Read more

Yipin Lu (MBA Class 2013): During the summer of 2012, in order to gain more international working experiences, I applied for the India Internship Program offered by DCMME & GSCMI and luckily got selected as one of the 14 students to work for TVS Motor Company. Read more

Srikanth Radhakrishna (MBA Class 2013): Over the two years that I have been here at Krannert, I have seen a lot of positive changes in DCMME & GSCMI in projecting the students of the Krannert to the outside world. I like the fact that the Center is now truly “student focused”. Read more

Tochukwu Chimezie (MBA Class 2013): I won the Summer Internship Poster Competition and the Fall Operations conference, entitled “Sustainability” was easily a great success. It proved to be an excellent opportunity to learn about sustainable operations in Indiana. Read more

Ravindran Damodaran (MSGCM Class 2013): As we flew into the O’Hare Airport on 13 August 2013 my friend exclaimed, “Welcome to the Land of Opportunities!”…… and he was right. Right from day one of my stay at Purdue, I could smell the aroma of opportunities surrounding me. Be it classroom engagement or career fair or conferences, at Purdue, ‘Sky is the limit’. 
Read more

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