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MY STORY WITH DCMME - tochuwkwu chimezie

(MBA Class 2013)

tochuwkwu chimezieDespite the fact that I won the Summer Internship Poster Competition, the Fall Operations conference, entitled "Sustainability", was easily a great success. It proved to be an excellent opportunity to learn about sustainable operations in the Greater Lafayette area. Not only did we get a chance to learn about some of the companies and organizations in the area (Subaru of Indiana Automotie, Inc., ArcelorMittal, WALCO, Caterpillar, John Deer, etc.), we got a unique insight into their supply chains, their sustainability initiatives as well as their sustainability goals. This event brought together some brilliant minds from the industries, academia as well as Krannert faculty and students to discuss current sustainability challenges as well as future sustainability opportunities.

There were a lot of interactions with the company representatives during their individual presentations as well as during the panel. The panel gave us a chance to ask more in-depth questions about the companies supply chain operations, practices and challenges. It was quite notable how similar some of the supply chain challenges and practices are for a lot of these companies. I'm certain that they'll find creative ways moving forward to somehow work together or learn from each other to achieve their sustainability goals.

Furthermore, some of the participating students also got an opportunity to showcase their summer internships to both the company representatives and their fellow classmates. I, along with some of the other students, was able to describe my summer internship experience with GE Appliances and was judged by the attending industry representatives. I shared my summer internship story and poster with at least 25 company representatives, faculty and students and it was the highlight of the event for me. I was extremely proud of my role and accomplishments at GE and was excited to share; the judges were kind enough to award me 1st place (icing on the cake for me.)

In short, this is an event that needs to be safeguarded and broadened as it is very beneficial not only to the students and staff members, but also to the participating companies. These companies can easily see areas in which they can either work together or better their supply chains as they learn more about the practices, challenges and initiatives of the other companies. I had quite an enriching and educating time during the event and I look forward to being part of future conferences.