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(MBA Class 2014)

PanpanAAM—DCMME Shanghai Internship, 2013

I worked for American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) in the Shanghai Asian Headquarter as a supply chain management intern this summer. This internship opportunity comes to Krannert through DCMME Center. AAM is a founding sponsor of DCMME and, Chad Cannaday, a passionate Purdue alum, from AAM had worked tirelessly with DCMME faculty in setting up this opportunity for Krannert students. I met Chad in April when he came to Krannert to serve the judge panel for the Graduate Student Case Competition organized by the DCMME Center. That case competition brings me a lot of fond memories—Not only my team wins the competition, but also it lands me an offer for AAM Shanghai internship.

The internship project is extremely interesting as well as challenging, AAM creates equipment specification manuals which serve as a guide books in equipment procurement. The object of the manuals is to standardize the components used in the manufacturing machine itself. There has been a heavy burden of costs for factories in Asian areas to procure the listed components in the manuals. This is because they can only be imported from North American or Germany. My project was to discover the replacement components in local market, explore the base of suppliers, and draft a new equipment specification manual for Asian area. The project required the use of various tools that helped us focus on comparing the configurations, analyzing the costs, and negotiating with suppliers. After carefully research and analysis, we created a new list of approved components manual. The conclusion of the project is that around 15% of capital expense and 80% of lead-time can be saved based on my project’s initiative. The manual will help AAM to build a new supply base from local markets and provide a large potential of more savings. I learned a lot from the project and enjoyed the two month in Shanghai very much. My supervisor is Dean Samuels, the Director of AAM Shanghai, who is also a Purdue graduate. He had kept close contact with me throughout the summer, following every step I was making and providing me guidance. Even though Chad Cannaday locates at Three Rivers, he and Bradley Hartzell acted as my mentors, who provided tremendous help for my work as well as my stay in Shanghai. I was highly inspired by the moral of my team and there is always someone who would offer a hand . It is not overstated to say that the summer I had in AAM is the most memorable one I have ever had.

After my return to Krannert, Chad came over to have a follow up meeting with DCMME faculty and me. I was happy to learn that Chad is planning to continue Shanghai Supply Chain Internship Program for Krannert students next year. I am sure the next batch of students will find this opportunity highly valuable