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(MBA Class 2013)

SRIKANTH RADHAKRISHNAOver the two years that I have been here at Krannert, I have seen a lot of positive changes in DCMME &GSCMI in projecting the students of the Krannert to the outside world. I like the fact that the Center is now truly “student focused”—The Center faculty not only encourage and recognize every effort from our students, but also they strive in every possible way to enhance our educational experience.

I was first introduced to DCMME & GSCMI during the Operations Conference conducted by the Centers in the fall of 2011 for which I was a volunteer and part of the guest hospitality team.This event is still fresh in my memory even now as it was the first major event that I participated after joining Krannert. I gained a lot from this event from not just listening to and networking with people from different companies but also getting an idea about summer internship assignments through the poster competition organized as part of this event. But I notice that the conference itself does not invite much student participants other than the volunteers and competition participants.

I notice a major change in the 2012 Operations Conference—It was open to all students and I heard there were over 80 students attended. I also found that student volunteers and poster competition participants were recognized individually in conference hand-outs and center website. I felt this conference was organized for “students” who are interested in Operations and Supply Chain.

After the conference, I wanted to get more actively involved with GSCMI and I was luck to get an opportunity to be the graduate assistant of the Center and be engaged more closely with the activities of the center. GSCMI has played a vital role in my career development and in deepening my interest in Operations &Supply Chain Management. With the valuable assistance of the Center, I have been able to connect with companies of my interest and expand my network of professionals from the Supply Chain industry. Just to give an example, when I wanted to do a project with one of the ice-cream companies based out of India, GSCMI helped me in not just reaching out to the company but also in guiding me through various stages of the project, facilitating my discussions with the company and providing me with all the assistance needed to successfully complete the project. This project has been really valuable for me in learning the key role played by supply chain management in the perishable food business where managing the quality and the inventory levels of a large number of ice-cream flavors is very vital to customer satisfaction and thus the success of the company.

With my active involvement with GSCMI, I also had an opportunity to develop my Supply Chain Management skills further when I was involved with testing a simulation model developed by the center for the ‘Global Supply Chain Management’ course taught by Prof. Annabelle Feng. This game simulated the real global business environment in which we have to make purchasing and supplier decisions after taking into consideration lead time, price and most importantly the constantly fluctuating exchange rates. The learning from this game is very important especially considering that many companies now have a global network of suppliers and need to factor in exchange rates in their decisions.

I am really thankful to DCMME/GSCMI for taking an active interest in the professional development of the students and I encourage the students at Krannert to actively participate in the activities of center and gain maximum benefits by utilizing the resources made