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GSCMI Conference Speakers

Managing Supply Chain Disruption
James (Rusty) Baldwin

James (Rusty) Baldwin

Global Solution Manager, Manufacturing Suite, Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Execution
LoB Digital Manufacturing
Digital Supply Chain

Rusty joined SAP in 2008 through the acquisition of Visiprise. I am currently the Global Solution Manager for the SAP Manufacturing Suite(ME) and the Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Execution.

I have over 31 years in the manufacturing sector. As an MES principal implementation specialist at SAP, I successfully implemented 30+ customer projects and bring a vast knowledge of customer applications spanning globally across all manufacturing industries and manufacturing process types. Rusty’s main focus is on the adoption of Industry 4.0(SAP’s I4.NOW), ISA95, and ISA88 standards through SAP’s Manufacturing Suites and Digital Manufacturing Cloud.

Bob Galyen

Bob Galyen

Galyen Energy
SAE International Fellow and Battery Standards Steering Committee Chairman
NAATBatt International Chairman Emeritus & CTO

Bob Galyen, the owner of Galyen Energy, LLC, has been working with battery technology for over 40 years. Galyen is an energy storage technology executive that has notable experience in large corporations and small entrepreneurial businesses. Currently, Galyen is the CTO of the world’s largest battery manufacturer CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited). Galyen specializes in clean technology, lithium-ion battery systems used in electric vehicles, and high efficiency storage systems. Other distinguished accomplishments of his career include holding the Chairmanship of SAE International Battery Standards Steering Committee for 5 years and being the CTO and Chairman Emeritus for NAATBatt International.

Barry Greenhouse

Barry Greenhouse

W.W. Grainger, Inc.
Senior VP & President, Global Supply Chain & Customer Experience

Barry Greenhouse, in November 2019, was name the Senior Vice President and President, Global Supply Chain and Customer Experience. Greenhouse joined Grainger in 2004 where he work at the Los Angeles DC (distribution center) as an Operations Manager. After being relocated to lead the New Jersey DC, he was shortly transition to the role of the Director, DC Space Management Systems and Processes in response to the continued growth in the DC network. The investments of enhanced software applications and higher levels of automation in the DC networks were greatly influenced by his leadership. Today, Greenhouse oversees the operations of the distribution center (DC) operations, inventory planning, and supplier performance management to name a few. Barry continues to leave an impact on the United States and Canada centers and organizations as well as provide a high level of leadership within all his roles with W.W. Grainger, Inc.