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2017 Projects

Faculty Directed Student Projects: Every firm has that “job jar” of important projects that just never seem to reach peak priority for the limited resources available. These are exactly the projects that the GSCMI Center is interested in assisting you with.

If interested in partnering with the Center to complete a project with your company or to learn more, contact us at

INDOT Economic Development

In the INDOT Economic Development project, the project work is progressing as per the schedule and the team has completed mapping of I-65 and I-70. The mapping includes gas stations, restaurants, rest areas, emergency shelters, truck parking spaces and motels. Moreover, progress has been made on completing the same for I-64 to I-94. Data comparing Federal vs. State owned roads has been compiled. Data on green space from the state tax department has been acquired which will form the base for filtering out state owned green space. This project is in its early stages, and much more data will be compiled in the future.

Advocate Health Care

Advocate Health Care, a leading healthcare services provider in Illinois, has 10 Medical centers where it wanted to reduce inventory costs and associated expenses in addition to eliminating expired product count in these medical centers. This task was challenging because of the necessity of these products for an individual in a hospital and due to the high costs associated with these medical products. Optimizing the inventory levels for improved efficiency and effective cost management proved to be one of the most important focus points for Advocate.

The initial approach was to establish and implement a durable Requisition Infrastructure and improve the receiving processes by adopting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for receiving the inbound freight and standardizing the receipt verification process. As this gave a better understanding of how the flow should be initiated, the team moved over to redesign the layout of the dock to accommodate the recommended changes. They used AutoCAD and SketchUp extensively to render and create 2D and 3D drawings of the layout for 4 critical centers and ran simulations in JaamSim to predict the improved turnover times. The main objective to was to implement and improve metrics at the 4 critical centers first and then do a site-by-site analysis to suggest changes depending on the current state of the center.

The project team also leveraged a lot of available data to gain insights and make better decisions with respect to the inventory reorder points and quantity. The project team comprised of individuals from Industrial Engineering, Global Supply Chain Management, Data Analytics and Business Management majors.