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Accountability: Everyone Working for Business Advance

two people shaking handsAccountability is[1]an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility’. When accountability is low, we get higher rejection-rates, repetitive equipment break-downs and missed customer dead-lines. There is a two-pronged process to increase accountability, to get everyone taking care of their work and taking ownership of the business needs. These processes involve work-culture change and people-skills development. Key work-culture initiatives that work include the following, each with just one of many examples…

Effective Work-culture Change:

  • Respect: a safe, light environment where you would be happy to visit with your family
  • Co-dependency: teams and virtual teams that account to one another
  • Communication: A no-fear approach to sharing how business decisions are being made and why
  • Measurement: Real-time updates on key indicators of performance and accountability to these
  • Behavioral Norms: Total adherence to adult and humanistic behaviors
  • Carrots & Sticks: Poor managers only have sticks; good ones have carrots and use them.

Key People skills, especially for supervisors are:

  • Listening, Questioning, Coaching: Involve people, so they feel part of the solution, not the problem
  • Praise: Younger people leave if you do not praise them; it’s free, give regularly
  • Flexible use of 1-2-1 and team feedback: Be sensitive to undermining staff, build up, not down.
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