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Buzz Words: Sensors explained, by Dr. Angus McLeod

“I first became interested in sensor technology while forming a consortia of international companies to attract major developmental funding for micro-engineering development of sensors. Back then, these were being fabricated by removal and additive process on 7” silicon wafers. That was in the late 1980s. Since then, the field has moving towards similar productive processes on reel-to-reel substrates, providing high-volume, continuous manufacturing and reducing the cost of many sensors to a few cents. Sensors are most often producing at least one electrical output to provide measurements of movement, temperature or heat, for example. When sensors like these are connected to logging/computational systems, it becomes possible to predict when a vital motor in a manufacturing plant will fail, preventing breakdown and enabling repairs to be made in an allotted time-slot, reducing costs.”

- Dr. Angus McLeod