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MBA Option in Operations Management

Operations Management is a multi-disciplinary field that focuses on managing all aspects of an organization's operations to provide products and services. Operations managers apply ideas and technologies to increase productivity and reduce costs, improve flexibility to meet rapidly changing customer needs, enhance product quality, and improve customer service. The concerns of Operation Management range from strategic to tactical and operational levels, which involve designing, planning and managing the system.

The Operations Management Concentration is designed to prepare students to be leaders in their operations management careers. With the trend in globalization and decentralization, successful management of supply chain requires system thinking and cross-functional skills. The rigorous coursework and curriculum offered by Operations Management faculty at Krannert aim at providing state-of-the-art trainings to ensure the competitiveness of our students.

Recognition: a top ranked program

The Krannert Operations Management option has been recognized for its excellence by every national publication that ranks such options/programs/specialty areas. For example, 2011 US News and World Reportranked our operations MBA and Undergraduate options #7 and #3;

Operations is a key capability of many Krannert alumni and lands them senior management positions globally. They include CEO and/or Chairman of Wastco, TVS Motors, Wabtec, Fairfield Manufacturing. A survey conducted by Spencer Stuart indicates that for the second year in a row, Operations (31%) was the most popular functional role before becoming CEO, followed by finance (21%) and marketing roles (12%).

Requirements for the option

The Operations core course, MGMT 660 (offered in Module 3), is a pre-requisite for all other Operations courses. 10 elective credit hours (5 classes) are required beyond the core courses from the following set of courses:

Year 1 Module 3 MGMT 660 Operations Management (required)
Module 4 MGMT 664 Supply Chai Management
MGMT 564 Service Operations Management
MGMT 590 Healthcare Operations
MGMT 669 Operations: Practice and Models
Year 2 Module 1 MGMT 561 Logistics 
MGMT 565 Strategic Sourcing & Procurement
MGMT661 Experiential Learning in Operations
Module 2 MGMT 560 Advanced Manufacturing Planning & Control
MGMT 562 Project Management
MGMT 566 Global Supply Chain Management
Module 3 MGMT 562 Project Management
MGMT 690 Sustainable and Socially Responsible Operations
Module 4 MGMT 564 Service Operations Management
MGMT 590 Healthcare Operations
MGMT 669 Operations: Practice and Models

One course may come from the following non-Operations classes:

  • MGMT522  New Product Design (Marketing)
  • MGMT572  Tools for Total Quality Management (Quantitative Methods)
  • MGMT657  Manufacturing Strategy (Strategy)

Download the Operations course descriptions (Click here).