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Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management

Program Highlights

  • Full-Time, One Year Program (Spring, Summer and Fall).
  • Curriculum designed to meet the rapidly growing business need for specialized talents with thorough understanding of the intricacies involved in global supply chain management as well as strong analytical and leadership skills.
  • A wide selection of courses developed by Krannert faculty who teach in our elite Operations programs (ranked #3 and #7 for undergraduate and MBA in 2011 US News and World Report).
  • International partnership across a global supply chain with Tianjin University (China), Indian Institute of Management Udaipur, India, and Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla - UPAEP (Mexico) brings unique global perspective and experience to the students.
  • Faculty directed summer internship/experiential learning projects give students unique learning experience by working in international teams to apply classroom knowledge to the real world under close faculty guidance. The Global Supply Chain Initiative (GSCMI) Center works with partner institutes and company sponsors to offer the students project opportunities in China, India, Mexico, and United State.


Spring Semester (15 credit hours)  Operations Management (3)
Optimization Modeling with Spreadsheets (2)
Supply Chain Management
GSCM Electives* (0-2)
GSCM Relevant Electives** (2-4)
General Business Electives*** (4-6)
Summer Semester (3 credit hours) Experiential Learning in Operations (3)
Fall Semester (12 credit hours) Logistics (2)
Global Supply Chain Management (2)
Strategic sourcing and Procurement Management (2)
GSCM Electives*(2-4)
GSCM Relevant Electives** (0-2)
  • Course Credit Hours - 30 total hours
  • Required Courses (16)
  • GSCM Electives* (4)
  • GSCM Relevant Electives** (4)
  • General Business Electives ***(6)

Manufacturing Planning and Control (2 Fall)* GSCM Electives, 4 credit hours

Project Management (2 Fall)
Management of Service Operations (2 Spring)
Healthcare Supply Chains (2 Spring)
Management of Healthcare Operations (2 Spring)
Sustainable Operations (2 Spring)
Operations: Practice & Models (2 Spring)

** GSCM Relevant Electives, 4 credit hours

New Product Design (2)
Spreadsheet Modeling and Simulation (2)
Manufacturing Strategy (2)
Data Mining (2)

***General Business Electives, 4 credit hours

Accounting/Communication/Economics/Finance/Marketing/Organizational Behavior

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