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TVS 2012

PROJECT: A Study on Driving Employee Engagement to improve Employee Retention and organization performance

Gabriel S MelchorGabriel S Melchor

Student: Gabriel S Melchor & Gabriel S Melchor

Background: At TVSM, we believe, performance is product of Skill and Will. We have competency based education and training to develop Skill, while for developing will, we use a model , where Process of communication, Award, Recognition, celebration, Performance management, coaching and counseling, EVP (Employee Value Proposition) and Total Employee Involvement. Every year we conduct an Employee Engagement Survey with external agency to measure the Employee Engagement on four parameters (Rationale Commitment, Emotional commitment, Discretionary effort and intent to stay).

Business objectives: To Improve retention of Employees (2-5 years) of tenure and to improve alignment of achievement of organizational objectives and individual objectives

PROJECT: Achieving high performance by enhancing and leveraging potential of 'role-ready' engineers

Bastian MartinJessica Werner

Student: Bastian Martin & Jessica Werner

Background: TVSM has embarked on a competency based technical education program (Diploma and Undergraduate) with chosen partner institutions on a collaborative model. Program involves selection of students based on innate ability, followed by development of their functional and behavioral competencies, which are required for entry level roles in TVSM. These are developed by a combination of academic rigor, industry internships, behavioral programs and LIVE project work. At the end of academic program, students are certified as 'role-ready', thus enabling them to be deployed to managers/departments in shortest possible time.

Business objectives: The collaborative model is so designed that engineers graduating from it are expected to possess more ability & skills, are more aspirational in their goals and thus exhibit greater degree of engagement as compared to their peers sourced from other colleges. A combination of higher ability, greater aspirations and better engagement (rational & emotional) will lead to increased potential which can be leveraged for greater performance. By proving that engineers from the collaborative program are significantly better than peers/contemporaries, HR can formulate future strategies for competency development/management and engagement initiatives in TVSM, thus furthering business goals

PROJECT: Employee effectiveness in NPD

Brittany EdwardsYipin Lu

Student: Brittany Edwards & Yipin Lu

Background: To improve deliverables of New Product Development (NPD) in-line with market requirements, the NPD has been re-organized as cross-functional teams thus empowering them to deliver products as per business requirements.

Business objectives: Study and implement initiatives/counter measures to improve efficiency and effectiveness of new structure.

PROJECT: Ver 2.0

Website Benchmarking with the Global best in class and defining functionality and User Experience guidelines for a revamped TVSM website

Brad Alan JohnsonDavid Smith

Student: Brad Alan Johnson & David Smith

Background: The website of any organization has moved beyond a transactional enabler. It is one of the most visible interfaces, moments of truth with the consumers and prospects. It is one of the most tangible interfaces with the market. The website needs to showcase its brand(s) and the ethos. It also needs to be a multiplier to the efforts of the organization to reach out to communicate and transact with the various constituencies like prospects, consumers, employees prospective employees, investors and regulators.

Business objectives: Revamp the Website experience at for all key constituencies.

PROJECT: Customer Centric Corporation

Charting out the long term CRM objectives for TVSM for the next 5 years. Assessing current practices and infrastructure to identify strengths and gap areas in being able to meet long term objectives

Janette RushMarita Dautel

Student: Janette Rush & Marita Dautel

Background: TVSM has adopted many CRM practices. Each of these practices is at various stages of maturity. The future investments behind CRM should be preceded by a long term CRM goal and road map. Many automotive industry players have been increasing service orientation through leveraging CRM to provide them a competitive edge.

Business objectives: Build a Robust TVSM CRM process / competency.

PROJECT: Steal with Glee!

Cross category pollination of best Sales and marketing practices for TVSM Scooters

Javier AguirreO Ajuwon

Student: Javier Aguirre & O Ajuwon

Background: Home Usage Laptops as a category could be held up as a close parallel to scooters. Possible learnings that TVSM can adopt in its S&M practices from studying the practices followed by this category. OR any other category identified that closely mirrors scooters.

Business objectives: Improve Sales & Marketing practices of TVSM by adopting best practices from categories facing similar challenges/opportunities.

PROJECT: TQM awareness of new recruits (Freshers and mid-career)

Mary HeinsYa-Chi Hsiao

Student: Mary Heins & Ya-Chi Hsiao

Background: The organization was awarded Deming award in the year 2002 and it is generally felt that the understanding of TQM philosophy and methodology was good during that period which is not the same now. There has been addition of freshers and mid-career employees based on business need and to compensate for attrition.

Business objectives: Evaluate the current awareness on 3 management processes namely "Policy management", "Daily management & standardization" and "Continual improvement & TEI". Identify the gaps in understanding.