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TVS 2013 Projects

PROJECT: To propose employee productivity metrics for respective functions to reflect improvement in productivity over period of time

Zenita SubbaHyuna Im

Student: Hyuna Im & Zenita Subba

Background: One of the important strategic business imperative for HR function is to improve the effectiveness of its human resources. As an organization, we are working in very uncertain external environment and market. Hence maintaining cost of human resources and output per employee is becoming difficult. In 2010-11, initiative was taken to improve the productivity of its employees by following certain methodology in 2011-12, core team from various functions had identified many projects to improve the productivity by reducing man days required. This projects are yet to deliver any result through this project, we need to identify the effectiveness of these projects and to define the norms of productivity (matrices) for each department such as sales per employee, production per employee

Business objectives: To propose a framework for productivity measurement of employees for respective functions/departments.

PROJECT: Effectiveness of TVS CRM initiatives

Lauren YoungRebecca ObikunleCristina Debora Manea

Student: Lauren Young, Rebecca Obikunle & Cristina Debora Manea

Background: New loyalty program will be launched in May 2013 for TVSM products; There is a need to get feedback on stakeholder perceptions (customer, dealership and CRM staff); Detailed analysis required to be done for measuring impact and effectiveness

Business objectives: To improve effectiveness of loyalty program implementation.

PROJECT: Developing human capital as a competitive edge in the extended organisation

Yonghua LiAnuradha Surya

Student: Yonghua Li & Anuradha Surya

Background: Auto dealerships have always had to contend with high levels of attrition in manpower... Particularly the frontline Sales & Service personnel. Such attrition impacts quality of customer experience, which in turn impacts Sales & Service effectiveness of the Dealership. Given that these are high involvement purchase experiences for prospects, Dealerships have to train, motivate, reward & retain people who bring in Customers & retain them. This sounds like common sense, which in reality is uncommon. The project purports to uncover if Human Capital is really a competitive edge in the world of Auto Dealerships. If so, what are its tangible & intangible benefits to the Dealership, and what best practices go to build that edge.

Business objectives: Dealer Sales & Service Personnel productivity & engagement are critical to improving Dealer Productivity & Profitability.

PROJECT: Customer Segmentation: insights into prevailing trends and strategy for future

Aditya GhamandeSpencer SlatonKongpon Kijnum

Student: Aditya Ghamande, Spencer Slaton & Kongpon Kijnum

Background: In a dynamic industry environment like Indian 2 Wheeler, there is a need to continuously revisit the organization's understanding and representation of Industry and Customer Segments. A stable rational framework has to be developed to evaluate and decipher the industry and customer need states driving the key trends in the market; this will help in identifying emerging opportunity spaces ahead of time.

Business objectives: To develop a common framework for understanding of current and emerging customer segments and their behavior; Thereby to identify opportunities spaces in the industry.

PROJECT: Improve on timely completion of GB/BB projects

Kuldeep YadavXinxin Xi

Student: Kuldeep Yadav & Xinxin Xi

Background: GB/BB scheme was started way back in 2009 to enhance the rigor in problem solving methodology with focus on statistical tools so as to achieve business result Since the time of inception, we have trained around 527 E&Ms on GB/BB ,but only 12 have finally completed their projects as on Dec'12.

Business objectives: To identify challenges or reasons for non completion of projects identified by majority of participants in due time (12 weeks or 3 months).

PROJECT: Business analytics with dealership service data - Insights into product quality

Julia PhillipsAnupam BansalYohan Min

Student: Julia Phillips, Anupam Bansal & Yohan Min

Background: TVS has implemented CRM systems across all dealership in India. All the dealers use a common software for sales and after sales process. We have information regarding the usage patterns, customer complaints and customer voice

Business objectives: To analyze complaint information and predict the trend and be more proactive in correcting any complaints or failure before it become a major issue.