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TVS - 2015 Projects

Students: Shane McGuire & Daigo Tatsuhiko

Project Objective: The purpose is to understand the consumer- brand relationship across a range of categories to better appreciate the personality dimension in the brand positioning equations and its value.

Students: Yafeng Hu & Pablo Martinez

Project Objective: Improving employee satisfaction of middle managers in operations by studying employee engagement indices.

Students: Ying Li & Gini-Denise Sanchez

Project Objective: Enhancing performance management systems in operations by studying target setting and alignment-to-policy targets. The goal is improved target achievement levels and established performance management systems in operations.

Students: Ryan Case & James Poindexter

Project Objective: Reducing waste in outbound supply chain and improve profitability. Study handling, loading and unloading, packing methods and truck configurations. Suggest and implement actions to address the root causes for transit damage.

Students: Amit Kumar

Project Objective: Contributing to an improved work order service level by improving the planning and supply chain systems. Improving model production by benchmarking best- in-class planning and supply chain practices.

Students: Aimee Kappes-Armstrong & George Symons

Background: Preparing an efficient and comprehensive demand supply map that will enable efficient operations under a potential Goods and Services Tax.