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MY STORY WITH GSCMI - xiaoyang chen

(BSIM Class 2013)

The experience of GSCMI 2013 case competition

xiaoyang chenIt was a surprise for me to be awarded winning team and best presenter in the GSCMI 2013 case competition. As a member of OSCO and a supply chain student, I realized this competition was a great opportunity for me to practice what I learned about supply chain in a real business case and to build connections with other supply chain student, faculties and judges who came from top manufacturing corporations hunting for promising supply chain undergraduates. I want to thank my professors who motivated me to join in this competition. I also want to thank my teammates who did excellent job from our first meeting to the last presentation.

The GSCMI 2013 case competition was a great experience for me. The first thing I learned was how to be a good leader. One challenge I encountered as a leader was how to divide the group presentation evenly. We analyzed the case and sought answers in a group form, therefore it was hard to separate work for the presentation. As the leader, I had to balance the importance of individual part and make sure each one was willing and able to take the work.

During the presentation, we were asked some unexpected question that we didn’t consider in advance. For example I remembered one tough question from a judge in John Deere. He asked how we deal with the competitor for the ice cream corporation which element was we ignored in our presentation. To be honest to answer his question, I told him that we mainly focused on the short term, if we would have the chance to work on this case further, we would definitely take competitors into our consideration.

The GSCMI 2013 case competition and the spring conference gave Krannert student a great opportunity to interact with judges via presentations and private talk. It was also a good time for us to use what we learned in class to solve real business problems and therefore make us more confident for our future career.