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(MBA Class 2013)

YPIPIN LUDuring the summer of 2012, in order to gain more international working experiences, I applied for the India Internship Program offered by DCMME & GSCMI and luckily got selected as one of the 14 students to work for TVS Motor Company. This three-week long internship, though not as long as other regular summer internships, was well designed to serve its purpose. Our abilities were tested and potentials explored during the process of tackling the projects. Moreover, we were provided a unique environment to deal with a different culture and learn how to adapt quickly to the local working and living style. Arriving in India at around 4 o’clock in the morning, we were immediately greeted by the personnel sent by the company and amazed by how hospitable they were.

During work, I was surprised by how seriously those internship projects were treated. Assigned to improve the New Product Design process, a survey was created and sent to a selected pool of employees and within two days, we received responses from everyone. Furthermore, our mentor helped us arrange interviews with 22 employees across functions from senior managers to factory workers to gain more feedback, including other meetings with related personnel. With the high level of cooperation and dedication from TVS Motor, all the projects were completed successfully within the timeframe. This internship experience has broadened my horizon and personally, I believe that the value it has brought me was immeasurable.

Knowing that the India Internship Program is initiated by DCMME&GSCMI, I started paying more attention to events organized by the Centers and later on, participated in the 2012 Fall Operations Conference and the poster competition. During the conference, I was especially interested in the speech by Mr. Easterday from Lafayette Subaru. He shared with us the best practices in environmental stewardship which are similar to what TVS Motor is trying to do. The experiences in India helped me build connections with the conference immediately which otherwise, would not have happened so easily. Afterwards in the poster competition, I was again amazed by the fact that the event had taught me more than what I had expected. Not only did it help me look back and reflect things learned from internship, but it also gave me a chance to enhance my presentation skills in public, in front of those experienced professionals.

All the experiences with DCMME& GSCMI events made me interested in applying for the Graduate Assistantship with the center in my graduating semester. Now I am assisting in TVS India Internship Program. Now being on the other side of the Program, I realized that my memorable experience in India came from the enormous time and effort from the Center faculty, staff and student assistants. They work tirelessly in keeping close communications with TVS for project scoping, mentor communication, and program planning, and in helping every single student in internship application, trip arrangement, project team formation and progress coaching. I am proud to be part of this big group to serve and bring more value to our students.