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My Story with GSCMI - Vijay Sachdeva

(MBA Class 2013)

Vijay SachdevaI have been offered a role as a consultant with Ericsson, which was my dream company. And, I would like to share the story of how GSCMI played the role in helping me realize my dream.

It started in the last week of September of 2012 when I received an email from Prof. Feng, the Associate Director of GSCMI, and she asked me to participate in the poster-competition. Reluctant to do so earlier, I decided to participate in competition scheduled on October 5th, 2012. And as I had done my internship in a telecom company, most of the content on my poster was related to the telecom. Anyhow, I described my poster passionately to all the judges. I did not win the prize and I was a bit disappointed as I worked so hard to prepare and explain my poster.

However, after the competition was over, one person came over to me and asked me about my poster. I explained my poster to him very enthusiastically like I explained to the judges. He got interested and asked me couple of questions, which I answered very well. The next thing he asked - "what do you want to do?" I told him that I want to work for Ericsson – as that dream always remained at the back of my mind. He went to his pocket and reached for his business card and said -- "keep my business card, I have a few contacts in Ericsson, I will talk about you."

Few weeks later, to my surprise, on December 15th I received e-mail from the CMO of Ericsson asking whether I would be interested in joining Ericsson's consulting. Excited to see myself so close to my dream-job, I said yes.

Between October 19th and December 10th I had six interviews with various leaders at Ericsson. In one of the interviews, they gave me 48 hours to make a presentation on a given case and I went to Atlanta to present that case to the senior consultants and leaders. After a number of rounds and drilling interviews, Ericsson offered me a role as a business consultant in San Jose, California.

For me it was a great experience where I learnt that sometimes it takes time but if we stick along and believe in our passions then things work out well somehow. And I want to say a big thanks to my colleagues and Professors at GSCMI, who guided me, which ultimately paved path for my goal.

In addition, I have learnt a lot about practical applications of operations and supply-chain while doing projects with GSCMI. Making posters and planning for the GSCMI events have always been great fun, which I am going to miss a lot after I graduate from Krannert.

Thanks GSCMI!