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MY STORY WITH GSCMI - andrejs strateicuks

(MBA Class 2014)


The experience of GSCMI 2013 case competition
As a newly elected Vice President of the Operations Club I was very excited to know that GSCMI is planning to organize Supply chain related conference and case competition. I saw this as an opportunity to re-establish Operations – Supply chain case competition at Krannert School of Management. We used to have globally known Operations – Supply chain case competition; however the tradition was stopped few years back. I was very eager to join the organizing team and I am thankful to GSCMI for giving me this great chance.

I have participated in many Case competitions, but taking part in the organizing team gave me exposure to “what happens on the other side of the field”. First of all, I had a chance to work with amazing people that I would probably not meet other way. Secondly, I realized that organization of events takes much more time and resources than I thought. It is not only about finding the case and judges to evaluate the proposals, there are thousands of small things that people from outside would not even notice. Finally, these events served as a link between us (students) and the industry. We had a chance to talk with industry participants about their experience and link it back to the material learned. This was also a great chance to make some good connections (I got few J) .