Chrysovalantou Milliou

Vertical integration and R&D informaiton flow: is there a need for `firewalls'?
JEL codes: L22, L11, L49, K21
Keywords: vertical integration, information flow, R&D spillovers

Abstract: We examine the impact of R&D information flow on innovation incentives and welfare. In particular, we consider the case in which the information flows from a downstream nonintegrated firm to the downstream division of a vertically integrated firm via its upstream subsidiary. In a setting where both the integrated and nonintegrated firm engage in cost-reducing R&D and compete in the product market, we show that the impact of the R&D information flow on innovation, output, and profits is positive for the integrated firm, and negative for the nonintegrated firm. Unless information spillovers are high, goods are close substitutes, and R&D is very costly, ‘firewalls’ decrease welfare.

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