Amir & Jin Cournot and Bertrand equilibria compared: substitutability, complementarity and concavity
Chowdhury & Chowdhury  A theory of joint venture life-cycles
Harrison & Kline Quantity competition with access fees
Emons Credence goods monopolists
Driskill Durable goods oligopoly
Rhode & Stegeman Non-Nash equilibria of Darwinian dynamics with applications to duopoly
Zhao A characterization for the negative welfare effects of cost reduction in Cournot oligopoly
Ziss Horizontal mergers and delegation
García-Gallego & Georgantzís Does multiproduct activity matter in an experimental differentiated oligopoly
Rysman How many franchises in a market
Kraft  Codetermination as a Strategic Advantage?
Bac To invest or screen efficiently: A potential conflict in relationships governed by incomplete contracts
Hansen & Kyhl Pay-per-view broadcasting of outstanding events: consequences of a ban