International Journal of Industrial Organization Volume 21, Issue 10, 2003
Siotis "Competitive pressure and economic integration: an illustration for Spain, 1983-1996"
de Juan  "The independent submarkets model: an application to the Spanish retail banking market"
Jeong & Masson "A new methodology linking concentration dynamics to current and steady state profits: examining Korean industrial policy during take-off"
Zulehner "Testing dynamic oligopolistic interaction: evidence from the semiconductor industry"
Grimm, Riedel & Wolfstetter "Low price equilibrium in multi-unit auctions: the GSM spectrum auction in Germany"
Sari  "Efficiency outcomes of market concentration and managed care"  
Spector "Horizontal mergers, entry, and efficiency defenses"
Brito  "Preemptive mergers under spatial competition"
Dimitrova & Schlee "Monopoly, competition and information acquisition"