International Journal of Industrial Organization Volume 21, Issue 8, October 2003

Haunenschild On the role of input and output spillovers when R&D projects are risky, pages 1065-1089.
Grünfeld Meet me halfway but don't rush Absorptive capacity and strategic R&D revisited, pages 1091-1109.
Kaplan, Luski, & Wettstein Innovative activity and sunk cost, pages 1111-1133.
Llobet Patent litigation when innovation is cumulative, pages 1135-1157.
Toshimitsu Optimal R&D policy and endogenous quality choice, pages 1159-1178.
Choi Bundling new products with old to signal quality, with application to the sequencing of new products, pp. 1179-1200.
Krähmer Entry and experimentation in oligopolistic markets for experience goods, pp. 1201-1213.