International Journal of Industrial Organization Volume 21, Issue 9,2003

Special Issue: Economics of Intellectual Property at Universities (Albert N. Link, John T. Scott, and Donald S. Siegel, editors)
Link, Scott, & Siegel "The economics of intellectual property at universities: an overview of the special issue"
Agrawal & Cockburn  "The anchor tenant hypothesis: exploring the role of large, local, R&D-intensive firms in regional innovation systems"
Monjon & Waelbroeck   "Assessing spillovers from universities to firms: evidence from French firm-level data"
Jensen, Thursby, & Thursby "The disclosure and licensing of university inventions: `The best we can do with the s**t we get to work with' "
Beath, Owen, Poyago-Theotoky, & Ulph "Optimal incentives for income-generation in universities: the rule of thumb for the Compton Tax"
Link & Scott "U.S. science parks: the diffusion of an innovation and its effects on the academic missions of universities"  
Siegel, Westhead, & Wright "Assessing the impact of university science parts on research productivity: exploratory firm-level evidence from the United Kingdom"
Sampat, Mowery, & Ziedonis "Changes in university patent quality after the Bayh-Dole Act: a re-examination"
Nerkar & Shane "When do startups that exploit patented academic knowledge survive?"
Panagopoulos  "Understanding when universities and firms form RJVs: the importance of intellectual property protection"