International Journal of Industrial Organization Volume 22, Issue 2, 2004
Durham, McCabe, Olson, Rassenti, & Smith "Oligopoly competition in fixed cost environments"
Oechssler & Schumacher  "The limited liability effect in experimental duopoly markets"
Baake, Kamecke, & Normann "Vertical foreclosure versus downstream competition with capital precommitment"
Alós-Ferrer "Cournot versus Walras in dynamic oligopolies with memory"
Eerola and Määttänen "Strategic alliances, joint investments, and market structure"
Aguirre & Paz Espinosa "Product differentiation with consumer arbitrage"
Buehler, Schmutzler, & Benz  "Infrastructure quality in deregulated industries: is there an underinvestment problem?"  
Hyytinen & Toivanen "Monitoring and market power in credit markets"