International Journal of Industrial Organization Volume 22, Issues 8-9, 2004
Barron, Taylor, & Umbeck "Number of sellers, average prices, and price dispersion"
Inderst & Wey "The incentives for merger in oligopoly"
Matsushima "Technology of upstream firms and equilibrium product differentiation"
Aydogan & Lyon "Spatial proximity and complementarities in the trading of tacit knowledge"
Liikanen, Stoneman, and Toivanen "Intergenerational effects in the diffusion of new technology: the case of mobile phones"
Kretschmer "Upgrading and niche usage of PC operating systems"
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Kim, Lawarrée & Shin "Exit option in hierarchical agency"
Sand "Regulation with non-price discrimination"
Debande & Friebel "A positive theory of 'give-away' privatization"
Sengupta "Delegating recruitment under imperfect information"
Yildirim "Piecewise procurement of a large-scale project"