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Parrish Library Communication Studio Closing

Parrish Library Leadership Communication Studio Closing

The Leadership Communication Studio in Parrish Library will be perminantely closing mid spring semester 2019. Other studio locations will continue to be open on campus and will be available for undergraduate and graduate students to reserve. 

The information below will be available until around the time the studio closes.

Reserve a Studio on Campus


  1. Log on to the video express website
  2. Choose KRAN 230B or another location
  3. Make sure to schedule 24 hours in advance of desired time


  1. Using the Leadership Communication Studio
  2. How to share LCS videos within Purdue
  3. How to share LCS videos externally
  4. How to submit your video to blackboard


Instructional Videos:

New Featured: Closed-Captioning

"To take advantage of the no-fee closed-captioning, Video Express users will need to publish their videos to Purdue’s Kaltura video platform via the Video Express website.  The Video Express website will be updated to reflect that new option for the 2018 spring semester. The videos will automatically be sent to the captioning service Cielo24, which will return the captioned video within 48 hours. Once closed captioned for Kaltura, the videos can be moved to a different platform, captions and all, if desired. Videos that are downloaded for editing will not have the option to upload back to Video Express for captioning in the 2018 spring semester but that option is being explored to implement later in 2018."

(Retrieved January 9, 2018

Hours: Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Questions: email the LCS or stop by the Parrish i-Desk during studio hours

The studio will be open when classes are in session.

Location: Parrish Library, Krannert Building Room 230B

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