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The Leadership Communication Studio and partnerships within industry and across Purdue enable students to participate in signature-learning opportunities outside the classroom. These opportunities are often case competitions and events that strive bring real-world application to business concepts. Click the links below to explore the different opportunities that are upcoming, and those that have happened in the past.

What is a Case Competition?

Why do a Case Competition?

How Case Competitions offer Value

8 Reasons Students Should Participate in Case CompetitionsStudents Share:
  1. "Putting yourself in the position of a real live consultant"
  2. "Broaden your network"
  3. "Case competitions are where I found my niche"
  4. "I have a summer internship because of a case competition"
  5. "Expand on what you know"
  6. "Create a solution and find a way to tell a story"
  7. "Incorporate every skill you have to be successful"
  8. Work with "teammates from different majors with different skill sets"

The LCS works in conjunction with the Boiler Business Competition Club (BBC). The BBC is an undergraduate club to help students gain experience in problem solving and communication to help them prepare for careers. The LCC website will be updated with information about the club, case competitions, events and more..