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The Global Food Challenge

2020 College Grads learn about Agriculture, Hunger, Sustainability, Travel domestically and internationally! 10 college students from across the United States along with faculty/staff advisors work collectively with Land O' Lakes on Food Security Issues of 2050.

Sophomores can apply for this challenge. Apply August 24- October 30, 2017.

Global Food Security Challenge

The Global Food Challenge, Land O’Lakes

The Global Food Challenge sponsored by Land O’Lakes is a paid internship that provides opportunities for students to work with an academic mentor to explore food security issues and learn about agricultural challenges. Participants have opportunities to learn more about hunger, agriculture, and sustainability. Additionally, students travel to Land O’Lakes locations, Washington DC, and rural African communities. The opportunity is for sophomores, the 2017-18 application to apply will open in August, and close in October. An Agriculture Background is Not Required

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A view from Purdue student, Sydney Gray, a 2015-16 Emerging Leader:

"When I began this journey, I felt a little unprepared because of my lack of knowledge in the agriculture industry. Many people think that the issue on food security can only be addressed by agriculturally sound minds. One of the most profound facts I've learned thus far is that, that idea is an utter misconception. It is necessary to address such a complex challenge with multiple
different perspectives, knowledge bases and ideas." - Retreived from:

Krannert Emerging Leaders in this program have included:

Linnea Cline
Oswin Chackochan
Academic Mentor: Melissa A. Evens

Abby Adair
Sydney Gray

Special thanks to these students for making a global difference!

Meet the 2016-17 Emerging Leaders from across the United States including Purdue students: Margaret Haywood and Erica Timmons.

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Emerging Leaders
Emerging Leaders

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