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The Leadership Communication Studio

The Leadership Communication Studio (LCS) is excited to provide case competition opportunities to showcase students' talents.

Introducing the LCS Case Association: Why should you participate in case competitions?

The LCS Case Association, formerly "Community" and Boiler Business Competitions (BBC), is a student-led wing of the Leadership Communication Studio that organizes and prepares ambitious students to compete in business case competitions. Case competitions provide students with an opportunity to improve and utilize analysis and presentations skills.  Students are required to analyze a business case in sometimes brief time frames ranging from hours to weeks, so mastering business frameworks for rapid use is crucial.  Teams of three to four students then present their solutions to a group of judges representing industry-leading corporations, opening numerous doors to new opportunities for those involved. 

"Without case competitions I honestly don't think I would've gotten the [job] offers that I did get, if I didn't do these case competitions throughout my four years at Purdue." - Austin Coon on the Benefits of Case Competitions

Interested in learning more about the LCS Case Association? Click here to find out more.

People Displayed in Video: Austin Coon (Left) and Joshua Groh (Right)

Special thanks to the Leadership Communication Studio broad community for the support to push these talented students forward.

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