Instructions to Authors submitting a revision

In order for a manuscript to enter the revision  process, following information must be received. 

Please e-mail the manuscript as an attachment in PDF format to:


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Manuscript Information

**Tracking Number **Password




** I have not revised the abstract, please use the abstract from the previous submission.

     I have revised the abstract, I am enclosing it in the box below.

The abstract  should be a self-contained single paragraph that summarizes the manuscript's:

  1. subject matter
  2. results and conclusions
  3. theoretical or conceptual contributions
  4. description how and why the manuscript is relevant to practice

The abstract should be written in an expository style that is comprehensible to non-technical readers. It should not contain formulas, references or abbreviations. To maintain confidentiality, the Abstract should not include the author(s)' name(s) or affiliation(s). The abstract should not exceed 250 words.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are using a Macintosh computer and/or Netscape browser, complete the remainder of the form in Step 3 and submit the form BEFORE clicking on “Click here for manuscript instructions before submitting the manuscript”. If you do not, you may lose the information you have entered in Steps 1 & 2.  (We realize that the first question states that you have read the instructions, but we must assume that you will read them prior to submitting your manuscript.)  We apologize for this inconvenience.  Thank you.


The Manuscript

Click here for manuscript instructions before submitting the manuscript

** I have read the instructions above and have prepared the manuscript to be submitted below in accordance with these instructions.

** Copyright

** I (We) certify that the manuscript is not copyrighted; nor has it been published or accepted for publication by any refereed journal.  I (We) certify that the manuscript is not under review elsewhere at the time of submission, nor will it be submitted for review elsewhere unless and until it is withdrawn from M&SOM's review process or that process has been completed.

M&SOM requires that the author(s) of every manuscript accepted for publication sign a Copyright Transfer Agreement, which will be provided by INFORMS prior to publication.

**   I understand that this manuscript will not enter the review process until ALL documents have been received.

After submitting this form, please separately e-mail the manuscript (omitting any author names or affiliations) as an attachment in PDF format to:

Manuscripts can be processed only if author names and/or affiliations are omitted.

Thank you.

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