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Gina Boyd in a classroom
Teacher Workshops
Purdue Center for Economic Education

The Purdue Center offers training workshops for K-12 workshops throughout the school year.  Most are taught by practicing teachers and occur in after-school settings.  All of them are very practical and provide teachers with curriculum ideas and teaching strategies that they can immediately use with their students. 

These teacher workshops are free to participants, who typically receive curriculum materials to take home.  The PCEE tailors these programs to individual schools or school corporations.  If you are interested in having a teacher workshop at your school or school corporation, simply contact Jennifer Redden at the Purdue Center.  

Praise from Teachers

  • "I enjoyed seeing examples of other businesses that worked in classrooms. I also like talking to a teacher who used it alot."

  • "It was very helpful to hear how the curriculum is implemented in a young classroom."

  • "Speaking with teachers who have already gone through this shows that it is doable."

  • "Workshop and presenter were great, and I really enjoyed it! I look forward to implementing these concepts into my classroom."

  • "Collaboration with others and resources provided sparked ideas that I would like to implement."