Seas Labs

SEAS is the Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations engine that enables researchers and organizations to try out their models or techniques in a publicly known, realistically detailed environment, but without the logistical problems associated with actually installing the system in a real firm. SEAS provides valuable interaction among researchers, between researchers and industrial users, and allows students to practice what is learned through a safe, controlled synthetic environment.

This synthetic environment addresses the rapidly changing technology and academic culture - which makes it difficult for researchers to gain direct experience with the realities of an enterprise - and the isolation from the details of the real world of research in business decision-making - making it difficult for researchers to compare the effectiveness of different approaches. This major link between projects from the diverse set of disciplines allows various technologies, prototypes, concepts, business models and solutions to be virtually embedded or represented in a synthetic environment that simulates the targeted business area. It is calibrated with real data, and then is made available to conduct experiments, virtual prototyping, testing, simulation, scenario planning and refining.