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Fireside chat with James Heckman

Economic Ideas Forum

The Economic Ideas Forum, held in April, provided an opportunity for faculty, students, and the public to engage in an interdisciplinary set of conversations inspired by Professor Heckman’s econometric and public policy research.
Coase CoC slide

Coase’s influence on economics, and Adam Smith’s influence on Coase

Understanding the economy as a dynamic, complex system relies on the foundational work of several economists, including Adam Smith (of course) and Ronald Coase.
Timothy N. Bond

How can we measure achievement with tests?

Any college student knows the problems associated with comparing students based only on grades. Some professors give As to 20% of their students, others to only 5%. Some give out Ds and Fs to their worst students, others never grade below a B.
Farid Farrokhi

Farid Farrokhi on mobility and cities

Americans have relentlessly moved to search for better jobs, housing, and quality of life. The movement of American people from one city to the other gives rise to an uneven geographic pattern of development.