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An integral part of the Purdue University Research Center in Economics' mission is the training of students in empirical economic methodologies and in applying those methodologies to policy evaluation.

Historically, our center's support has focused on graduate students. While that support has not diminished, PURCE is excited to highlight new opportunities for undergraduates.

Undergraduate Student Programs

Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program

Undergraduates meeting strong criteria are employed as hourly researchers. They learn best practices and assist faculty with real-world research projects.

Are you a Krannert undergraduate student interested in a research assistantship? Learn more and start the application process today.

Economic Scholars Program

Undergraduate students from across Purdue University are being introduced to classical economic literature; best practices for small workshop-style discussions; and how economic theories of the past inform the present through our unique course called the Economic Scholars Program.

The Econ Scholars Program is made possible via generous funding from a PURCE donor.

Students who have completed a principles of economics course are invited to apply for the Econ Scholars Program, with a preference for students who are not economics majors. The selected students complete a one credit hour independent study course in which they complete readings and have a weekly discussion. They are each awarded a $1,000 scholarship.

Select students are invited to apply for Econ Scholars.

Economics Honors Courses

PURCE provides overload teaching payments to fund the teaching of honors courses in economics with a focus on attracting students from other majors. These courses use innovative teaching methods.

Julian Gammon

"Assisting economics professors on real research has been an incredible opportunity to apply what I learn in my econ classes. Even as an undergrad, I am able to interact with faculty in a manner expected from a graduate economics program."

Julian Gammon

Krannert Economics & Finance major and PURCE Undergraduate Research Assistant

Krannert Magazine: Delving Deeper
Learn more about the Economic Scholars Program and see what students say about this unique course in a Krannert Magazine profile.


PURCE is proud to work closely with the Purdue Center for Economic Education (PCEE).

Since 1966, PCEE has been a national leader in promoting economic literacy. Housed in Krannert’s Department of Economics, this center shares with PURCE a passion for economics, but one largely focused on K-12 economic education.

The center hosts teacher outreach events on topics ranging from teaching economics using children's literature, creating a classroom mini-economy, and more.

In 2019-20, PCEE programming provided resources for 44 teachers who collectively teach more than 4,000 Indiana K-12 students. The center established a mentoring program to connect teachers with various levels of experience and created a Facebook group for educators developing classroom businesses.

Learn more about this special center.