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Bindu Ranganath - Find a Prescription For the Right Career

Bindu Ranganath

Bindu Ranganath
BSIM '12
Kimberly Clark

Bindu Ranganath originally came to Purdue with the thought of earning a pre-med degree. Her plans changed quickly.

“My brother was starting med school at the time, and I saw how much of a struggle it was. I also realized that I didn’t want to go into the research area of biology, so I started to think about what else I could do,” she says.

“I’ve always been outgoing, and I thought management might be a good fit. Once I started to take some classes, things seemed to click into place.”

Bindu graduates in May with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management. She landed a position as a customer inventory analyst with Kimberly Clark in Appleton, Wisconsin. “I’ll be working on the customer supply chain solutions team, acting as a liaison between business-to-business customers to assist them with ordering inventory,” she says.

A West Lafayette native, Bindu was active in several extracurricular activities before coming to Purdue. She began playing tennis in elementary school, and still works as a tennis instructor. She also is an accomplished musician. A violinist in high school, she plays in the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra, giving her a “good diversion” away from the classroom.

Her interest in outside activities led Bindu to found the Purdue chapter of Global Brigades. The world’s largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization, Global Brigades has mobilized thousands of students to improve the quality of life in impoverished communities. Bindu made a trip through the group to Honduras. 

“Teaming up with students from other schools was an amazing experience. During my trip, we treated 900 people at our clinic in just three days,” she says.

Bindu landed two internships at Roche Diagnostics, one in logistics and the other in marketing. “It was a great opportunity to apply what we learned in class to a real-world setting,” she says. She adds that a logistics course taught by Jay Chen was one of the more helpful classes she took at Purdue.

“I felt the biggest area that I got help from Purdue and the Krannert School was in preparing for the interview process,” Bindu says. “From working through cases in the classroom to using the Undergraduate Management Communication Center, I felt very prepared and confident when it was time to interview. It made a big difference for me.”