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Yunyun Song - Mickey Mouse, meet Purdue Pete

Yunyun Song

Yunyun Song

Yunyun Song learned about teamwork and honed her communication skills at two very different places—Purdue University and Disney World. Now, she’s ready to take her talents to corporate giant IBM.

Yunyun will receive her degree in May from the Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) program. She’ll return to her native China to support learning and development teams for employees and clients for IBM.

“What really attracted me at Purdue was the ability to learn all of the fields related to business, not just HR,” says Yunyun, who earned a bachelor’s degree in Business English from Capital University of Economics and Business. “Being in class with both MBA and MSHRM students allowed me to learn from people of all backgrounds.”

During her undergraduate studies, Yunyun spent a year studying in the United States. Part of her experience was serving as an International College Program intern at Disney World.

“It was an amazing experience. I talked with guests, which helped me develop my English skills, and worked in different roles every day. It was a great exposure to team-based work,” she says.

Those teamwork skills came into play when Yunyun spent the summer after her first year at Purdue interning at IBM in Beijing. Among her responsibilities was to work with seven other interns from different HR functions. The interns were spread between three countries—China, Great Britain and the United States—and learned to communicate daily over the Internet or by phone.

“I was a liaison for the China group,” Yunyun says. “I had to translate to others in the group what was being discussed. To do that, I needed to use my English skills, but I also needed to be able to use analytic and critical-thinking skills to convey important ideas.”

Yunyun says her Purdue education, including both coursework and soft skills training, has prepared her for a successful business career.

“Almost every class at Purdue has projects, and they are similar to what I will have at IBM,” she says. “I’ll be working with people from all over the world, just as I did in school. I’ve gained both the confidence and business acumen that I need to make a difference.”