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Career Fair leads to internship with SC Johnson

Kevin Leung

Kevin Leung
BSA, BSM ’15
SC Johnson

Attending one of Krannert’s student-run career fairs led Kevin Leung to a finance internship with SC Johnson this summer. “I walked around and talked with SC Johnson representatives. We hit it off really well at the career fair, and then they called me for an interview,” he says.

Kevin, a sophomore majoring in accounting and management, says several Krannert courses helped him get through the interviewing process successfully. “Some of the things that SC Johnson was really impressed with were my communication skills,” Kevin says. In Management 100 and 301, Kevin learned how to make his résumé stand out and how to develop and deliver an elevator pitch.

“During the interview they asked a lot of situational questions and that’s something we practiced in 301 for a solid two weeks, how to answer those questions. The teacher gave us strategies to use. I think that definitely helped out a lot.”

 Kevin also drew on other classes that focused on analytics and quantitative skills. “Some of the questions they asked were pretty specific, based on what you can do,” Kevin says. “A lot of the group work we do in class are case studies, looking at real-world problems. We analyze financial documents, databases, things like that. They were impressed that as a sophomore I was able to do so much.”

A native of Logansport, Indiana, Kevin has strong family ties to Purdue, but decided to come to Krannert based on its curriculum. “When I came for my visit, the best part was all the people here. They seemed really friendly and eager to help.”

Kevin is involved in several Krannert and Purdue clubs. “I haven’t been disappointed yet with anything I’ve tried. I’ve had a lot of fun this year.”

A Management Ambassador, Kevin is one of the students who welcomes visitors to Krannert. “It gives me a chance to help out prospective students. I show them that Krannert is a great school. The reason I like that so much is because when I was looking at colleges, I was really debating, and I could have used some advice.”

Kevin is also a member of Lambda Phi Epsilon, a national fraternity promoting Asian American awareness, and Ascend, a new club at Purdue promoting Asian awareness in the business world. He’s also a member of the Purdue Student Union Board Fine Arts Committee and Odin Investment Club.