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Daniel Ward - Industrial management & engineering concentration a perfect fit

Daniel Ward

Daniel Ward

Daniel Ward came to Purdue interested in studying Mechanical Engineering. Then he found out about Krannert’s program in Industrial Management, “It was exactly what I wanted to do, so I transferred from engineering over to Krannert,” he says.

A junior majoring in Industrial Management with a concentration in multidisciplinary engineering, Daniel will finish his third internship with Cummins this summer. His first internship was completed as an engineering student. “Then last summer I worked in purchasing, which is really neat because I got to see all different parts of the company.”

Before the second internship Daniel had been taking Krannert coursework. “The technical background combined with the core Krannert classes really worked well for the second internship.” Classes ranging from mechanical engineering to statistics have given Daniel the opportunity to learn both theory and practice, and then apply the knowledge during internships.

While the first two were in Columbus, Indiana, Daniel requested a different location and will be working with Cummins Manufacturing Department just outside of Madison, Wisconsin this summer. “I think part of the internship will be inventory management and working with quality and efficiency processes.”

Daniel finds his Krannert coursework and his internship experiences are very complementary. “I’m seeing things in class I’ve learned a little about in internships and it really helps in class work.”

Working in purchasing last summer, Daniel gained experience in capacity, demand and supply chain management. “Now I’m in an Operations class and seeing all those things again and it’s making a lot more sense than if I was seeing it for the first time.”

Daniel credits David Luechauer, visiting assistant professor of Management, and his Organizational Behavior and Human Resources class with developing another set of skills vital to his career. “He really helped me work on the soft skill side of things, how I organize my work and how I work with people as well.”

Before starting his internship, Daniel will be going to China for two weeks in May as part of a Global Entrepreneurship class. “The first week we go to Beijing and the second week we go to Hong Kong. We will be visiting companies, attending seminars and talking about the growing economy in China.”

The class fulfills part of the requirements for the Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, offered by the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship at Purdue, which Daniel is on track to earn before graduation.