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Institute for Social Empowerment through Entrepreneurship and Knowledge (ISEEK)

The Institute for Social Empowerment through Entrepreneurship and Knowledge (ISEEK), housed in Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management, empowers under-privileged young people in the world to lift themselves out of poverty and lead healthy and prosperous lives, by starting and running their own businesses. ISEEK’s overall objective is to facilitate the creation of over 1 million companies in 10 years, thereby employing 10 million “business owners” and reaching 40 million indirect beneficiaries. It will achieve this goal by enabling access to knowledge, capital, talent, the market, and advanced technology. More specifically, ISEEK’s objectives are to provide:

  • Innovative, technology-enabled approaches to health and entrepreneurship education;
  • On-the-job training in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that produce high-end, high demand products; and
  • ICT (information-communications technology) support to sustain a business and manage personal health.

ISEEK develops its management education content, tests its software, and maintains its internal marketing and engagement efforts through the expertise and dedication of a team of over 30 undergraduate and graduate students from Krannert, as well as a number of faculty and staff. ISEEK offers students an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, social impact, international policy, and ICT-based approaches to economic development in a real-world context. In 2017, ISEEK plans to offer an immersion program for students, faculty, and professionals to its implementation sites in India, Indiana, and beyond.

ISEEK’s first official program is implemented in India among rural women with limited education, by supporting their transformation to entrepreneurs. ISEEK is developing a new model of manufacturing that engage people and turn them into domestic manufacturing entrepreneurs. Our Factory-on-Wheels (FOW) framework consists of the FOW platform and the organized entrepreneurship model. Through innovative use of emerging Internet-of-Things (IoT), 3-D printing and Cloud technologies, our model creates income and wealth generation opportunities for the unemployed people in communities decimated by plant closures in Indiana.

The ISEEK ecosystem thrives on partnerships. Corporations can support the program in a number of ways:

  • Donating funds directed toward: 1. Development and update of ISEEK education software and content; 2. Technology creation and commercialization of ISEEK’s mobile manufacturing facilities; 3. Day-to-day internal operations and student engagement.
  • Expanding goods, services, capital market linkages for enterprises created through the ISEEK program
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - talent sharing and technical advisory services (legal, ICT, financial, etc.)
  • Provision of equity for Saksham businesses

Date: Fall 2017, Spring 2018

Location: Indiana

Invitees: -

Financial Support: $5,000 – $5,000,000, or in-kind advisory services (see above)

Support Deadline: Open

Recognition and Branding: All corporate sponsorship of ISEEK will be recognized in the organization’s communication materials. Certain corporate partners may also be asked to serve on ISEEK’s Board of Directors.

  • Different levels of sponsorship (amount, what each company will receive)