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Krannert Energy Club

Founded in 2013, the Krannert Energy Club seeks to unify Krannert management students who are interested in exploring careers in the energy industry. The Club strives to foster a passion among Krannert management students for careers in the energy industry, strengthen our member’s knowledge of industry fundamental, cultivate a network for career opportunities, and provide applied learning and leadership opportunities for students.

KEC’s Vision: KEC will prepare future leaders by supporting professional growth and development by providing networking and experiential learning opportunities.

Top Events:

• UT Austin National Energy Finance Challenge (NEFC) – October 2019
• Michigan Ross Renewable Energy Case Competition – November 2019
• UCLA Energy Case Competition – February 2020
• Kellogg Energy Case Competition – March 2020

Along with these case competitions, Krannert Energy Club intends to host career preparation workshops, networking and social events with alumni and industry representatives, and professional panels during the traditional academic year for Purdue students, staff and community members at various locations across campus. These events are developed and coordinated by students. Each event is designed to enhance and develop the industry knowledge of our KEC students while providing assistance and guidance to individuals seeking a career in the energy industry.

Recognition and Branding:

Executive - $2500+: Company logo advertised on ALL communication materials (paper & digital),3 – 5 company representatives invited to event, with opportunity to be a guest speaker
Managerial - $1000+: Company logo advertised in 3 locations (website, resource materials, socialmedia, Purdue Today, etc), 1 – 2 company representatives invited to event
Entry - $250+: Company logo advertised in 1 location (website, resource materials, social media,Purdue Today, etc)

Contact Information:

President: Srijan Saurabh