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Society for Human Resource Management

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) at Krannert was created to bring together students and staff with a career interest in Human Resource Management. It is a student chapter of the nationally recognized professional organization SHRM. The club is intended to expose students to the various facets of HR and to provide a forum in which students can discuss current issues and apply elements of their Krannert education to practical situations. The focus of this organization is on professional development, but we always strive to remain active in our community and on campus, and to have fun in the process! Our members include both Graduate and Undergraduate students.  

Krannert’s SHRM student chapter offers regular workshops and events during the traditional academic year to Purdue Students, Staff and Community members at various locations across campus (mostly in Rawls and Krannert). These events are developed and coordinated by students. Each workshop is designed to enhance and develop the human capital skills of our SHRM students while providing assistance and guidance to individuals seeking career changes. Additionally, our topics are heavily vetted because we cater to both undergrad and graduate students.

Top SHRM Events:

  • HR Case Competition and Conference
    • Annual event in November, partners with HR Indiana SHRM using National SHRM cases forundergraduate and graduate competitions. Conference has interactive components andworkshops
  • HR Hot Topic Roundtable
    • Discuss current controversial and interesting HR topics
  • Company Visits
  • Member callout meeting
    • Introduces members to SHRM and allows for a little bit of professional education via a game, speaker, or simulation.

Recognition and Branding:

Any company that partners with us is allowed to bring any number of employees to an event, can speak and lecture, and promotional materials of the company will be included in all promotional flyers and emails. All of this is typically sorted out on a case by case basis- our goal is to provide timely, quality information to our members in a format that is helpful and convenient for our members.

Contact Information:

President: Chanda Foucher