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Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) is an international honors organization for accounting, finance and management information systems students and professionals. The primary objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field, and to serve as a bridge between students and professionals through recruiting events and alumni networks, while also serving the community. After meeting the requirements and joining as a student, members remain in the organization as alumni for life. Our members participate in 6 hours of professional events and 6 hours of community service per semester. Beta Alpha Psi at Purdue regularly holds recruiting events and workshops with accounting and finance companies, and is part of an international network that convenes yearly for large conferences between chapters at different schools. The Purdue chapter currently has over 50 members.

Contact Information:

President: Achintya Parchani


  • Beta Alpha Psi Annual Fall Banquet

    The annual Fall Banquet is a grand tradition of Beta Alpha Psi at Purdue. This exclusive event involves a networking dinner at tables where students, school faculty, and company representatives get a chance to meet each other and interact in a casual setting before the career fair. The event is professionally catered with a gourmet meal. A keynote speaker, courtesy of a volunteering company, delivers a short presentation about interesting news or business trends that year. Recruiters enjoy the banquet because they aren’t standing on their feet for three hours while cycling through students’ elevator pitches at a career fair. Students enjoy the banquet because it gives them more than just a few minutes to meet companies without having ten other students standing in a line behind them. Each year, nearly one hundred people come to the event. Regular attendees include large, multinational corporations and smaller, regional firms that all focus on accounting and finance. Students from all years, including freshmen through graduate students, attend the banquet. The idea originated with Beta Alpha Psi at Purdue in the late 1990s and has continued every year since. The banquet is always held on the night before the career fair, so the company employees present are almost always the same ones that will be at the Krannert-wide career fair the next day.

    Recognition and Branding: The logos of all corporate partners will appear on the BAP website, as well as immediate preference to the Fall Banquet and individual events. Partners will also be given special mention during BAP meetings.

  • Krannert Public Accounting Fair – Hosted by Beta Alpha Psi and Purdue Accounting

    The Krannert Public Accounting Fair is the first of its kind ever being held at Purdue University. The event will involve recruiters from over 30 accounting firms. Students of all years will be attending. The idea originated after several firms were placed on the waitlist through spacing restrictions for Purdue’s school of management’s annual career fair, and, because of this, are continuously unable to attend the event every year. By hosting a new career fair exclusively for one of the school of management’s most popular fields of study, we hope to ease the issue of spacing and offer opportunities for all accounting firms to share the light on an exclusive event catered to their practices.

    Recognition and Branding: The logos of all corporate partners will appear on Purdue’s Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) website and the fair’s booklet. As well as preference for individual interview rooms free of cost, additional parking passes, table location preferences, and Ads/Flyers on campus.

  • Midwest Regional Meeting

    The BAP National & Regional meeting is an excellent chance to meet and learn from other BAP chapters across the country. As an international organization, most major universities in the U.S have a chapter of Beta Alpha Psi at their business school. The meeting includes keynote speakers and sessions on chapter operations, professional skills, and current issues within accounting and finance. We would like to give more selected members the chance to represent Purdue at the BAP National & Regional meeting.

    Date March 2019
    Financial Support: General Total Cost: $2500 including registration fees, hotel rooms, and travel expenses
    Recognition and Branding: same as above