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Delta Sigma Pi

As the foremost professional fraternity for men and women, Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) encourages professional development, community service, and a strong brotherhood. Delta Sigma Pi develops successful business leaders for the future by providing a lifetime development organization with alumni serving or having previously served in corporate leadership roles; such as the CEO of Continental Airlines and the CEO of the Proctor and Gamble Company. In addition to creating successful professionals, our members excel at Purdue University; Delta Sigma Pi’s members are consistently some of the top students academically in Krannert and are leaders across campus in organizations such as Old Masters, Boiler Gold Rush, and the Krannert Executive Forum. Being involved in Delta Sigma Pi ensures our members are prepared professionally, academically, and socially for the work force through their developed networks and learning experiences during their time at the Krannert School of Management.

Contact Information:

2019 Student President: Michael Kipp –


Top Events

Delta Sigma Pi Culture Fest is a free, campus-wide event held annually since 2013 that celebrates the cultural diversity of Purdue University. Students are invited to learn about different cultures through booths hosted by other student organizations, Purdue cultural centers, cultural foods, performances, and activities. Culture Fest is held outdoors in April, typically on Purdue’s Memorial Mall. The event is designed to provide a fun environment that exposes students to a wide array of global experiences. Our mission is to bring students together, celebrate the unique qualities of the diverse population at Purdue, and encourage students to learn more about the different cultures they interact with daily in the Krannert School of Management and at Purdue University. Culture Fest’s budget typically requires us to raise funds in excess of $10,000.

Delta Sigma Pi promotes a strong connection between collegiate members and the faculty at the Krannert School of Management. Several Krannert professors are either alumni members or faculty initiates of Delta Sigma Pi, and our chapter strives to engage with them and all other Krannert faculty. Through a faculty appreciation luncheon, we can show our gratitude for their work and their impact while simultaneously allowing them to get to know our students on a personal level. Faculty members leave the event well fed, thanked, and with a newfound knowledge of their students. DSP members leave the luncheon having established new relationships with distinguished faculty and with a new appreciation for the unique work and research they do. We need to raise at least $500 a year to provide our students and faculty with this opportunity.

Scholarship and academics are a key principle of Delta Sigma Pi. We strive to promote academic excellence
through the recognition of one Delta Sigma Pi member each year with a scholarship from our local chapter. In
addition to academic excellence, factors considered when selecting the recipient include service to the
community, personal character, and the example they set for others. Typically, our scholarship is limited to $500
for one person due to sponsorship amounts.