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Society of Minority Managers (SMM)

The Society of Minority Mangers (SMM) is set out to assist students of an underrepresented population within the business world in their quests for achievement.  Our members include alumni of the Business Opportunity Program (BOP) and a diverse mix of students in and outside of Krannert.  We provide opportunities for professional development through company networking sessions, resume assistance, and interview preparation strategies.  When it comes to academics, we offer community study tables every week and encourage academic excellence through the sharing of study strategies and experiences.  Our club is a cumulation of our members thus their success is our highest priority in all that we do. 

Sponsorship Oppurtunities:

  1. Company Presentation
  2. SMM Office Hours
  3. T-Shirt Sponsor

Recognition and Branding:

Company Presentation ($1,000): Throughout the academic year, SMM works with corporate partners to plan company presentations and professional development workshops. The activities give members more insight into the culture and opportunities at companies and firms recruiting Purdue students. Heighten brand awareness and brand image amongst historically underrepresented minority students in the Krannert School of Management. Receive logo and name placement on SMM website as organization sponsor with link to careers (sponsorship cost covers beverage and food expense for members during presentation).

SMM Office Hours ($500): Mix and mingle with SMM members from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in our new office suite! Set- up banners and other recruiting items, pass out giveaways, play a corporate video on our flat screen tv, and get to know our students on a personal level. Corporate partners sponsor lunch items for those individuals stopping by the office hour. Get to know our top students over lunch in the office. Receive logo and name placement on SMM website as organization sponsor with link to careers (sponsorship costs cover beverage and food expense for members during office hour).

T-Shirt Sponsor ($1,000): Each year, SMM designs an annual t-shirt. The SMM annual t-shirt is a memorable item which evokes feelings of nostalgia for SMM throughout the academic year and beyond. Students routinely wear their t-shirts to class, providing branding opportunities across campus through logo and name placement on the shirt (100 t-shirts x $10/shirt).

Contact Information:

President: Jared Florell