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Society of Minority Managers (SMM)

The Society of Minority Mangers (SMM) is set out to assist students of an underrepresented population within the business world in their quests for achievement.  Our members include alumni of the Business Opportunity Program (BOP) and a diverse mix of students in and outside of Krannert.  We provide opportunities for professional development through company networking sessions, resume assistance, and interview preparation strategies.  When it comes to academics, we offer community study tables every week and encourage academic excellence through the sharing of study strategies and experiences.  Our club is a cumulation of our members thus their success is our highest priority in all that we do.    

Top Events:

Annual Networking Reception – September 12, 2018
Business Opportunity Program’s 50th Anniversary Gala - September 22, 2018
Diversity Olympics – April 2019

Recognition and Branding:

Networking Reception: Sponsors will have the opportunity to network and get to know SMM in an intimate setting the day before the Fall Career Fair. In the past, around a dozen companies have participated and interact with upwards of 100 students in attendance. The logos of sponsoring companies will be included on all event media in return of financial support.

Gala: With the majority of SMM students being BOP summer session alumni, if a company were to support the gala, students would be able to attend the event at lesser to no cost. By sponsoring, the company can solidify their support of underrepresented minority programs in Krannert and stand out as a continued partner for BOP.

Olympics: By supporting our Diversity Olympics, a company can have their logo on all media as well as a presentation on April 12th. During the presentation, the company can discuss as they please while recruit for interviews the following day. Sponsors will be able to speak with various classes and majors on campus throughout the friendly competition.