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How to Support Students with Scholarships

Being a Boilermaker is not an experience limited to your years on campus. It is a lifetime relationship. Your Purdue education placed you on track for success. Now you have the opportunity to payback through scholarship support for students of today. Scholarships not only help make a Krannert education possible for many young people, they also help attract the best and brightest students to our campus and promote diversity. Affordability and accessibility are key initiatives at Krannert that can only be accomplished through your scholarship support.

Create an endowment.

Scholarship funds endowed in perpetuity are the foundation of Krannert's commitment to attract innovators and support today's dreamers.

When you endow a scholarship or fellowship you:

  • open doors to life-changing opportunities for students.
  • foster our mission to improve the world by empowering young scholars.
  • support the entrepreneurial spirit of Krannert School of Management.

The minimum level to endow your gift in perpetuity:

  • Undergraduate Scholarship -- $50,000
  • Graduate Fellowship -- $100,000

Click here for more info on how to support students with scholarships.

Herman Krannert

"As I think about 40 years of running my own company, I would say that the task of 'effective dreaming' is my most important activity."
-Herman Krannert, Founder
Krannert School of Management
1965 lecture

Anne Marie Sullivan

"Receiving my university-wide and management specific scholarships was the blessing we needed. It still completely astonishes me that someone is gracious and selfless enough to pay for me to pursue higher education. It has had an immense financial impact on my family and me."
-Anne Marie Sullivan BSM '15